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Researching Universities

When considering what kind a culture and climate you want to live in for the next semester, the college itself offers a great deal of information for consideration.

National Student Exchange Website

One-stop-shopping! Lets look at some of the features provides...

Student Tab

Student tab NSE Site This is where you want to go for all information pertaining to you as a student.

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Search for a Campus

Showing you a map of all locations, it provides these filters to narrow down your search

NSE Search Filters

So, be it by location, Plan A or B, size of student body, size of the surrounding town or city, or even what type of school it is, be it private, public, grant or otherwise.

You may be surprised that the college you're interested in may be up in Alaska or Canada or in Puerto Rico. Don't let distance deter you, technology can keep you close to home regardless of where you end up.

Unique and Notable Programs

University of Hawai╩╗i at Hilo is listed for our Hawaiian Studies, Japanese Studies, Pacific Island Studies, Performance and notable in Marine Science, Geology, Astronomy and Business.

Scan down this list to your major and find out what colleges are known for your desired area of study.

Unique or Notable List

Quick Look Section

Brandon University NSE page Once you see a college you like, the page breaks down a vast amount of information into a tight space.

Off to the left you will see fast facts which may cover some of your desires. Population, average GPA, general dates of the semester, which plans they accept, etc. Below the initial picture will be a map of it's location.

In Additional information you may find things like Campus Diversity at Brandon University in Canada, where 30% are Native/First Nation and 70% list themselves as "Other" which would explain their Unique programs of "First Nation Studies".

Philadelphia University

Further down you will find a general description including Facebook, helpful in formation, and other notable elements of their University. Please note above the social media buttons they have a link to the full university site for further research.

For instance Philadelphia University has Sustainability Studies in addition to sporting a city of around 1.5 million while being in a remarkably historic city.

Then we come to the blue tabs. These are going to be important for the technical parts of your stay, Tuition, Fees, Housing, what Financial Aid is available, etc.

Location, location, location!

The National Student Exchange site helps you narrow down what you want. Each page meant to give you a taste of the experience to come. Please take the time to explore your options so we can direct you down the right path for you!

Don't be intimidated if it's on the East Coast or in Canada or some other distant foreign land you have never dreamed of experiencing. If you're going for your major, you're pursuing what you love!

We want to surround you with a like-minded program. Making contacts and relationships far from home only extends your opportunities in the long run.