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Outgoing Students Exchange Process

Outgoing exchange students

Our office will be sending a series of emails leading up to your exchange process which leads you through the below steps. This information is also available as an infographic. Download it as a pdf and as a png file.

NSE Outgoing Exchange Process - Step by Step

Step 1: Research Q's to Consider

Please start your research before you even come in!

  • Where do I want to go?
  • Do they have courses in my Major?
  • What kind of climate/culture do I want to experience?
  • Do I want to live in a rural or city environment? is a great source for this information, and we've given you some guidelines on how to narrow your search down.

Step 2: Find your NSE Office!

Fill out:

Step 3: Applicant Interview

One on one with your Coordinator to:

  • Get to know you
  • Review Application
  • Review Process

Step 4: Acceptance Email

Congratulations!!! Welcome to NSE! We will now work to get you linked to a college of your choice!

Step 5: Pre-Conference Meeting

All Accepted Students attend:

  • Meet fellow NSEers
  • Discuss Placement Choices
  • Review Next Steps

Step 6: Placement Conference

Coordinator attends and works to get you into a colleges of your choice!

Note: It may not be the first choice, choose wisely.

Step 7: Placement Acceptance Email

You’re now accepted as a NSE student to a host college!

Step 8: PAF Appointment

One on one appointment with your Coordinator to:

  • Fill out Placement Acceptance Form
  • Final opportunity to Accept or Deny Exchange

Step 9: Post-Conference Meeting

Instruction from your Coordinator on:

Step 10: Pre-Departure Meeting

Receive t-shirts before you go, as well as instructions on how to cope with:

  • Culture Shock
  • Travel Logistics
  • etc...

Step 11: Keep in Touch

Tell your campus whats happening via:

Step 12: Mid-Semester Check-in

Your host Coordinator will email and check-in on how your exchange experience is going, both academically and personally.

Step 13: Welcome Back!

Come celebrate your exchange experience with your home campus and share your journey!