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Incoming Students Exchange Process

Incoming exchange students

You will be recieving a series of emails leading up to your exchange which walks you through the below steps. This information is also available as an infographic. Download it as a pdf or as a png file).

NSE Incoming Exchange Process - Step by Step

Step 1: Congrats on Placement!

Congratulations on your placement to University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo!

With your home campus:

  • Fill out your PAF
  • Attend Preparatory Meetings
  • Work with your home and host coordinator

Step 2: Apply for UH Hilo!

Fill out:

  • Application
  • Pay Registration Fee • Submit copy of Transcript to NSE office

Step 3: Health Forms

To prevent holds on your account fill out:

Step 4: Setting-up MyUH

Set up MyUH Services account! (Make sure Steps 1-3 are complete!)

Step 5: Pre-requisite Transfer

All Accepted Students attend:

Step 6: Class/Course Research

Step 7: Housing for UH Hilo

Step 8: Financial Aid

Remember which plan you're on:

Step 9: Arrival Information

Instruction from your Coordinators on:

Step 10: Orientation

Welcome to UH Hilo! Let's get you settled:

Step 11: Keep in Touch

Tell your campus whats happening via:

Step 12: Mid-Semester Check-in

Both University Coordinators will email and check-in with you on your exchange:

  • Verify Transcripts for return
  • Prepare you for the realities of returning home

Step 13: Returning home!

A hui hou! Prep for departure event! Come celebrate your exchange experience with your host campus and share your journey!