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Incoming Students Exchange Process

The deadline to apply for the Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 semester has passed.

In preparation for your exchange, we strongly recommend you not only read this website, but also independently research Hawaiian history and culture. Each of us come to new places with our own past experiences and set of expectations. The more informed we are about the new place we are going to, the easier our transition will be!

Prior to your arrival in Hawaii, you will be receiving a series of emails with documents, forms and other important information. Please read them carefully as this will ensure a smoother transition into the university.

Step by Step

Fireworks bursting Step 1: Congrats on Placement!

Congratulations on your placement to University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo!

With your home campus:

  • Fill out your PAF
  • Attend preparatory meetings
  • Work with your home and host coordinator

Stack of Papers Step 2: Apply for UH Hilo!

Fill out:

  • Application
  • Pay registration fee
  • Submit copy of transcript to NSE office

Heartbeat EEG line Step 3: Health Forms

To prevent holds on your account fill out:

Envelope Step 4: Setting-up MyUH

Set up MyUH Services account! (Make sure Steps 1-3 are complete!)

Two figures seated across a table Step 5: Pre-requisite Transfer

All accepted students attend:

Detective silhouette Step 6: Class/Course Research

Housing Step 7: Housing for UH Hilo

Notes and Coins Step 8: Financial Aid

Remember which plan you're on:

Presentation screen Step 9: Arrival Information

Instruction from your Coordinators on:

Lady at a chalkboard Step 10: Orientation

Welcome to UH Hilo! Let's get you settled:

social media icons connected Step 11: Keep in Touch

Tell your campus what’s happening via:

Checked checkbox Step 12: Mid-Semester Check-in

Both University Coordinators will email and check in with you on your exchange:

  • Verify transcripts for return
  • Prepare you for the realities of returning home

Silhouettes of people jumping with fireworks in background Step 13: Return home!

A hui hou! Prep for departure! Celebrate your exchange experience with your host campus and share your journey!