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Who is eligible?

Students who: Cherry blossoms bloom in Waimea with a rainbow over a church

  • Are enrolled full-time at UH Hilo at the time of application
  • Were full-time in the term prior to exchange
  • Are in good standing (academic, behavioral, financial)
  • Completed 24 UH Hilo credits the term prior to exchange
  • Have a minimum cumulative UH Hilo GPA of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale) at the completion of the term prior to exchange, and maintain while on exchange.

Resident, non-resident, international students and those on Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) are eligible. Additional exchange criteria may apply.

Note: Freshman may apply during their second semester to exchange the following term.

When can you go on exchange?

Sophomores, juniors or seniors may go on exchange. Freshmen who apply must complete the 24 minimum credit hours before the desired exchange term. scuba divers survey coral reefs Additional requirements apply for seniors, including submission of an Application to Graduate in Absentia if they plan to graduate from UH Hilo while on exchange.

You may participate in the program for up to one academic year. A student can exchange to one school for one term and to a second institution for another term. Students on exchange for one term may "extend" their exchange to a second term with permission of both campuses.