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Researching Culture

When considering what kind of climate and college you want to live in for the next semester, the local culture will have a heavy influence on your experience! It's worth researching.

Regional Culture

We aren't suggesting you do every search below, but here are some suggestions of things you may want to know about regarding the culture you are entering. Wikipedia and Google are great starting points, but maybe there's some questions you haven't considered asking.

Living in ...

Google search what's it like to live in... A simple question, but as you know with all the people moving here, it would be nice if they were prepared to work with Pidgin and know what "slippahs" are. You might be surprised by what you find.

For instance, in Boulder, Colorado moose randomly walk through town. This is a normal occurrence. Give them space, especially during mating season.

What to do around...

Another simple search which leads to lots of potential experiences, hobbies, outings, and other adventures! For instance in Texas, they have the Dallas Swing Dance Society, which is basically a group which takes over a warehouse size building and plays DJ or live Swing Dance, with no date required.


Many cultures one world Know that different areas are going to have different ratios. Cities are probably going to be very diverse, whereas rural areas may be dominant in a particular demographic. You should also know that you are coming from one of the most culturally diverse campus in the United States, and we handle that differently than many mainland cultures.

Most people know very little of the Hawaiian culture, its people, or its history. Don't be surprised if they have no idea about how the state was formed or how many islands are even in the chain. That said, mentioning where you're from will make you an instant celebrity.

Clubs on Campus

Get involved! Enjoy this alternate culture! If you're shy a club is a great way to experience something you're interested in, and provide common ground for friendships to form.

Historical Sites in...

Saloon Just as your fellow students may not know about Hawaiian history, you may not know about this location's past. You might be surprised of how the events at your new college shaped history.

Museums/Art Galleries

Experience local culture depending on where you are. Big cities like Seattle, D.C and Boston are swimming in these cultural experiences. Don't be surprised if your small town has a museum as well, telling how the town was formed, or maybe how it served as a hub for passing trains, etc.


Though you can find manapua at a 7-11 in Japan, you're probably not going to find them on the mainland. Rice may be replaced with potatoes, and they may be white, or golden. If you're on the West Coast there are more varieties of apples than you can imagine! If you're in the deep South there will be spices comparable to those found at an Indian restaurant.

crawfish boil and vegetables in a bowl
A crawfish boil is a delicacy in the American south