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Cost and Financial Aid Process

What is the Cost?

Generally, students may select between two tuition/fee payment plans: Plan A or Plan B. Each participating school determines which plan (A, B or both) can be used.

On Plan A, tuition/fees are assessed at the in-state (resident) rate of the "host" campus. On Plan B, tuition/fees are paid to your "home" school at the rate you normally pay. Information on tuition and fees at the NSE campus office, here at UH Hilo this would be Room E-201 in the Student Services Center. On-campus housing and meals are paid for at the "host" school. Transportation costs to and from the exchange campus, and personal expenses must be paid for by the student.

Whether you participate under Plan A or Plan B, you will also be expected to pay those fees at the host school which are assessed as a condition of enrollment (i.e., general service fee, laboratory fee, art and photography supplies, and computer fees, for example). Field trips and special event fees may be charged for NSE group activities on your host campus. Some host campuses may also assess an institutional application fee, and/or an NSE program fee. For example, "incoming" exchange students to the UH Hilo campus currently pay a $50 institutional (admission) application fee and a $65 NSE program fee.

"Outgoing" UH Hilo students are assessed a $190 NSE application fee, $150 of which is forwarded to the central NSE office, while the remaining $40 is used for local NSE program administration.

How does Financial Aid work on exchange?

Students exchanging under Plan A, apply for financial aid from their "host" schools. The student must remember to enter the school's FAFSA code on the FAFSA application. FAFSA codes for all NSE campuses can be found in the free Directory of Exchange Opportunities available at the campus NSE office.

Students exchanging under Plan B apply through UH Hilo --- their "home" institution. UH Hilo students on Plan B exchanges who qualify for financial aid generally will have their funds deposited directly into their UH Hilo student account. In some instances, (for example, certain scholarship monies) a paper check is mailed to the "host" schools financial aid office for disbursement. Details about financial aid should be discussed with the UH Hilo Financial Aid office, including treatment of home campus "work study" eligibility.

UH Hilo NSE students, with FAFSA-established financial need who are Hawaii residents, may apply for the Edwin T. and Leilani Kam Scholarship through the UH Hilo NSE office.