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Meet the MAAP/PALS Staff

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MAAP Staff 2014

Office Staff

Ginger Hamilton - Program Director

Gayleen Roldan - Office Assistant

Seupepe Sinclair - Communication Specialist

Joseph Anastacio - Database Specialist


Peer Mentors


Minority Acces & Achievement Program's Peer Mentor Dillon Tacdol
Name: Dillon Tacdol

Major: Pre-pharmacy/Chemistry

Aloha! My name is Dillon Kapena Tacdol and I am a senior biology major at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo.  I was born in Wailuku, Maui to my two wonderful parents Valerie and Roger Tacdol.  I am the eldest child along with my brother Dustin who also attends school at UH Hilo. My ethnicities are Hawaiian, Japanese, Filipino, Caucasian and Chinese.  I went to Kamehameha Schools Maui for high school where I gained an interest for medicine. My goal as an undergraduate student is to graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and to be accepted to the John A. Burns School of Medicine.  It is at this medical school that I will train to become a great doctor.  After medical school, I hope to open my own practice as a family practitioner.  My hobbies are fishing, camping, diving, swimming, paddling, cooking, gardening, reading and spending time with my family.  I have two sayings or “advice” that I would like to share with my PALS mentees and other freshmen student.  My first advice is, “Sometimes it’s not what you know, but who you know. “ My second advice is, “It doesn’t matter what you are given. What matters is what you do with what you are given.” I wish all the freshmen a great and fun year.


Peer Mentor John Alokoa

Name: John Alokoa

Major: Kinesiology & Exercise Sciences

My name is John Alokoa. I'm from Kosrae. I was born in Oahu but was raised here on the Big Island. Some things I like to do on my free time are play baseball, basketball, play the ukulele or guitar, go to the beach and hang out with friends and family. My educational goal is to graduate from UH Hilo with a Bachelor's in Kinesiology and Exercise Sciences. I haven't settled yet on what career path I'll be choosing but some things I have in mind are physical therapy or athletic training. As a peer mentor I can help new students become more familiar with the campus, give them the aloha they'll need and be there when they're in need of any assistance. My advice to the new students: hard work don't guarantee you a thing, but without it you don't stand a chance so work hard! Thank you.


Minority Access and Achievement Program Peer Mentor Michael SadoMichael A. Sado

Aloha, my name is Michael Sado. I am a graduate intern currently enrolled in the MSW distance education program with the Myron B. Thompson School of Social Work out of UH Mānoa. I was born on the mainland, raised on Maui and now live in Hilo. I received my AA degree from Hawaiʻi Community College and my BA in Sociology from UH Hilo. I love helping others, especially students pursuing their educational dreams, and strive to do my small part to better my community by giving back. For fun, I am an avid comic and coin collector!


Name: Tema'u Teikitekahioho Wolff

Major: Pre-engineering and Hawaiian Studies

Aloha! My name is Temaʻi Teikitekahioho-Wolff. I am of Hawaiian, Dutch, Marquesan and French descent. I am a Pre-engineering major with a minor in Hawaiian studies. I am aspiring to be an Environmental Engineer who brings on the influence of Hawaiian culture and perspective within this work. I hope someday to help the communities of the Pacific with the affects of climate change in their island homes. As a peer mentor, I can give perspectives for students on certain useful study habits, and to help prioritize their time while in college.


Aloha! My name is Jamison Domingsil, and I'm pursuing an Environmental Science major, including a Global Engagement Certificate. As a peer assistant, I am humbled to help students who would like to make positive environmental changes for their community, and grateful to guide these students on achieving success. 
Get out of your comfort zone! College is a time to grow and realize what you're capable of. I heavily emphasize these words of advice because you won't get the most out of your college experience by limiting yourself to solely academics, and by completely shutting yourself off from social activities. Your GPA alone won't stand a chance of landing that career you dreamed of in today's world; you must learn to establish networks with your colleagues, professors, and academic advisers as these people will help you develop your future. Even if you don't have the skills or are not comfortable in doing such actions, you have to start somewhere! Be it small or large, it's the first step that matters the most. 
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