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Meet the MAAP/PALS Staff

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Daniel Gutierrez


Major: Counseling Psychology

Hello, my name is Daniel Gutierrez and I am a graduate Student Enrolled in the Counseling Psychology MA program at UH Hilo.  I am originally from South America and grew up speaking only Spanish.  My family moved to the US when I was `10 years old and I learned to speak English.  I lived in California and Texas before moving to Hawaiʻi.  I received my Bachelors from the University of Texas at Austin in International Business in 2002.  Currently I am focusing on Multicultural Counseling and I am getting ready to graduate with my Masters in the summer of 2017.  I recently also got married, my wife is from Japan and she is a teacher.  We live here in Hilo, Hawaii and enjoy a healthy and happy life through daily habits of eating healthy, exercising, meditation and yoga. 

Marli Klass

Marli Klass

Major: Environmental Studies

Alii ! My name is Marli Klass and I am from the beautiful island country of Palau. I am currently a senior here at the university of Hawaii, Hilo and am pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies. To tell you a little bit about myself- one thing that I love, café’s ! My love for café’s and their ambience just gets me up and going; excited to get through the day so that I can finally sit in a café after classes and work and of course- do some homework. I mean, how can you not enjoy the aroma of fresh coffee and the sound of soothing music?! Right ?! Oh yes, I am a traveler too! How about you?

Veronica Coston Veronica Coston

Major: Geology

Aloha, I'm Veronica from the island of Maui, and I am a transfer student from University of Hawai'i Maui Campus where I received my associates degree. Veronica Conston
Currently I am a senior, and majoring in geology, recently switched my minor to geography, and certificate in environmental studies. I love animals, and wrestling.
My best friend is my dog, and I volunteer as a wrestling coach. I enjoy school, and helping others but that is all I can give in a nut shell. I am here to help, so Veronica Coston
what do you need?




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