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Welcome to MAAP

    The Minority Access and Achievement Program (MAAP) Office was established as the result of an initiative by the state legislature to “improve the access and success of students from underrepresented ethnic groups at the university and in the professions in Hawai╩╗i. MAAP is committed to improving the recruitment and retention of minority students by providing support services and a place where students feel welcomed and supported as they pursue their educational goals. The target population includes Filipino, Micronesian, Native Hawaiian, Samoan, Other Pacific Islanders, American Indian, African American, and Hispanic.

    Services Available:

    • Academic and personal support through counseling, academic advising, career exploration, and financial aid advising.
    • Peer Assistant Linkages and Support (PALS)
    • Bridge to Hope
    • Scholarship and Internship Opportunities
    • Recruitment Activities: Address issues of access by partnering with other campus and community agencies on recruitment and cultural activities. Events include Filipino American Heritage Month, Black History Month, and the Pacific Youth Empowerment for Success (PacYES) Day.

    Upcoming Activities and Events

    Cultural Game Event

    Date: Friday, September 22, 2017

    Time: 4:30-7 P.M

    Location: Lava Landing

    For more information call :808-932-7461 or 808-932-7463 or E-mail
    Hope to see you there!

    Student Affairs Game Night


    Suicide Prevention Month

    Dates: September 12, 2017-September 27, 2017

    MAAP is co-sponsoring this event, Check it out! Augie T Presentation Please check out other events happening during 'Suicide Prevention Month', the flier can be found at the 'Activities and Events' link. Mahalo!

    Interested in applying for law school?

    Join Professor Troy J.H Andrade for a special presentation

    Date: Friday September 22, 2017

    Time: 10 A.M- 11 A.M

    Location: Campus Center 306 Please refer to the flier at the 'Activities and Events' link for more information.Mahalo!

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    MAAP Symbol

    The bamboo, or ╩╗ohe, as it is known in Hawai╩╗i, is a significant plant in many Pacific and Asian cultures. The ╩╗ohe, symbolizes strength, flexibility, and growth; all important characteristics which nurtures the development of a student.

    Mintority Access and Achivement Program and Peer Assistant Linkages and Support

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