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LGBTIQ Career Planning & Job Search

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Job Search Engines & Networking Websites

  • Gay and lesbian jobs, employment and career search
  • Job listings in the non-profit sector that enables you to search by interest and includes "Gay, Lesbian, Bi & Trans Issues" as an area of focus
  • Job search and networking web site, including a directory of businesses, women’s network, LGBT events and links, and volunteer opportunities
  • A recruiting portal that provides diversity-focused employers with opportunities to post jobs and advertise to the LGBT workforce, and provides resources to LGBT jobseekers to find jobs with companies that embrace diversity

Workplace Policies, Information, & Resources

  • Human Rights Campaign: An excellent source of information on workplace and corporate policies related to sexual orientation and gender identity. Includes information about non-discrimination policies, organizations with domestic partnership benefits, municipalities that have laws banning employment discrimination, and career articles. Search the Employer Database for information about organizations’ policies, LGBT employee group contacts, and more.
  • Out & Equal: Provides workplace advocacy and programs to LGBT individuals. Each year they educate employers through their Diversity Training Program and their National Workplace Summit Conference.
  • Transgender at Work: Focal point for addressing workplace issues for the transgendered