Division of Student Affairs (DSA)

Diversity/Equity/Inclusion at UH Hilo

The UH Hilo community celebrates being one of the most diverse campuses in the country. More importantly, our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion begins with a consideration of our students--making sure that everyone who comes to UH Hilo has a place on our campus.

To belong is critical to any successful college student's journey and our communities and resources are here to help students feel welcomed, connect with others that they identify with, and learn from those that they may not identify with. Through shared cultural, educational, and social experiences, students can be involved in a community where there are clubs and organizations, campus resources, and local community outlets that will provide opportunities and resources to help enhance the college experience.

Two critical support centers that we offer, in addition to various clubs and resources on campus, include the Women's Resource Center and the LGBTQ+ Center. The Women's Center provides resources and programs centered around the ideals of activism, leadership, and empowerment by creating an equitable environment for all genders and intersectionalities with other diverse ethnicities, racial and sexual orientation identities. The LGBTQ+ Center recognizes that each student has a unique combination of identities that make them who they are and we are proud to embrace these students in an environment that encourages freedom of expression and in a safe space.

Below are links reflecting various dialogues in this space. If you have others that you would like added, please contact the AVCSA/DOS Office (on the sidebar).

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