Division of Student Affairs (DSA)

Division of Student Affairs Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Process

In 2021, Chancellor Bonnie Irwin launched UH Hilo's strategic planning effort in which she and other University administrators asked the campus community to think broadly and boldly. Guided in that effort, Student Affairs will be drafting its strategic plan beginning in Fall 2022. This plan will be in alignment with the University's plan and vision and will provide a detailed framework that supports the Division of Student Affairs mission and priorities moving forward.

As Student Affairs undertakes this work, it will approach this process with transparency and collaboration so it may garner broad input and support from the UH Hilo campus community, especially from students. Thus, numerous feedback mechanisms will be used to provide opportunities for involvement as the development of the plan moves forward. Our hope is that everyone will take advantage of this exciting opportunity to shape the future of Student Affairs at UH Hilo.

Share your thoughts and input on the Division of Student Affairs strategic plan by emailing ????

Division of Student Affairs Reorganization Process

On March 8, 2022, the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Dr. Farrah-Marie Gomes, sent a memo outlining the idea of a reorganization process, through email to the entire DSA membership. Highlights from that memo included:

  • A rationale for the reorganization, grounded in principles and strategies around:
    • Student success
    • Operational efficiencies
    • Aspirations for greater collaboration between units
    • Better utilization of resources
  • A call for all DSA members to participate through various feedback loops
  • A challenge for members to keep an open mind and think about our new brand Your Journey Is Our Focus
  • Three examples of possible scenarios (with the disclaimer that they were merely examples to generate conversation) for consideration

DSA Reorganization Proposed Timeline

December 2021

  • VCSA shared reorganization scenarios with Executive Council and received feedback

February 2022

  • Share revised scenarios with SALC as a heads up before division roll out

March 2022

  • Roll out scenario options to division with opportunity to:
    • provide feedback, anonymously in writing, and leave open from March 8 through April 8
    • participate in focus groups over a two week period of time

Step 1 - Overview Sessions were held on:

  • Wednesday, March 9 at 8:15am
  • Thursday, March 10 at 12:45pm
  • Friday, March 11 at 8:00am
  • Tuesday, March 15 at 11:00am
  • Wednesday, March 16 at 2:00pm

Step 2 - Written Feedback: DSA 2022 Reorganization Feedback Form (closed at this point)

Staff were invited to submit comments, recommendations, questions, etc. via the feedback form linked above. All responses were anonymous.

Step 3 - Focus Groups were held on:

  • Monday, March 21 at 10:00am or 2:00pm
  • Tuesday, March 22 at 8:00am or 3:00pm
  • Thursday, March 24 at 10:00am or 11:00am
  • Monday, March 28 at 9:00am
  • Tuesday, March 29 at 11:00am

April 2022

Step 4 - VCSA Gomes and AVCSA/DOS Holland reviewed notes taken during the focus groups and written comments from the feedback form and compiled feedback, as much as possible, into the originally proposed scenarios.

Step 5 - Invited SALC to review ideas and recommended structure at its April 29 meeting. The compilation of ideas, along with the proposed structure, were mentioned in Step 4, were shared in the April 29 memo from VCSA Gomes to SALC.

May 2022

Step 6 - Shared updates with DSA via May 17 memo from VCSA Gomes to DSA ʻohana and a special DSA Town Hall meeting to discuss the reorganization proposal is scheduled for May 24.

June 2022

Step 7 - Continue conversations, as necessary with SALC and DSA, as appropriate

  • If it’s not clear that we are moving in the direction of a single scenario, narrow down to two options
  • Open up for a vote across the division

July 2022

Step 8 - Consult with unions, as necessary

  • If necessary, consult with unions about reorganization changes
  • Prep for structural changes with HR, fiscal and other processes

August 2022

Step 9 - Transition to implementation

  • Implement new reorganizational structure

Timeline subject to change to accommodate developments over time.