UH Hilo Strategic Planning

Meeting Notes - January 27, 2022

Relationships Committee Meeting: Wednesday, January 27 at 9:30am

Present: Justina Mattos, Makamae Kamaka-Mauhili, Jennifer Stotter, Julie Mowrer, and Kathleen Baumgardner

Meeting purpose: Action Plan work

Wailau update

The idea: The purpose of Wailau events is to build connections across campus and with the wider community that go deeper than the roles we hold while honoring our complex, fragile and brave selves. In keeping with the meaning of Wailau, we will showcase five storytellers at each event - a UH faculty member, staff member, student, alum and a community member.

We are in the midst of identifying new hosts to fully take the reins in Fall 2022, so they have the advantage of observing the Spring effort. The group watched a student audition video. Having one male and one female host works well, plus it has been very helpful in case one of the hosts is unavailable for parts of the process. We hope to introduce our new hosts during the broadcast of Spring's broadcast on Saturday, May 7, 2022.

At the time of the meeting, we have only received one storyteller application. We discussed reaching out to potential storytellers who are a fit for the theme - Tales of Misunderstanding. UH News did a story promoting Wailau's storyteller application, which could be used while sharing the opportunity with potential participants.

We are also looking for our next topic expert. We discussed a number of possible candidates and organizations that would fit the "Tales of Misunderstanding" theme. Jennifer will be reaching out to a contact to explore an option.

The Wailau budget has been updated and one piece is now being funded. We will be providing a stipend for our current hosts. Lei Kapono is assisting with this process and funneling the paperwork.

Kathleen nominated Kuʻuhiapo Jeong, our Wailau host, for a Ka Lama Ku Award. Nominations close on February 20, 2022. All winners will be contacted on the week starting Monday, March 14, 2022, via email.

Action items for Wailau:

  • Kathleen will submit more social media posts to drive more storyteller applications.
  • All will do our part to encourage applications - sending personal messages to contacts.
  • Jennifer will reach out in her network to help secure a topic expert.

UH Hilo’s Action Plan

7.1.1. Strategy 7: Nurture and strengthen campus relationships and campus culture. Action 1: Increase opportunities to express gratitude and celebrate success in large and small ways across campus. Deliverable 1: Communicated the work of campus groups/committees recognizing that the work was meaningful and acknowledging the impact or efforts that came to fruition.

University Relations is the sponsor for 7.1.1. Kathleen has been in contact with Aly and she shared that she is forming a UR working group and she will be in touch.

4.1.1. Strategy 4: Improve interdisciplinary and collaborative efforts to ensure student success. Action 1: Develop affinity groups across campus in order to bring people together whose paths might not normally cross. Deliverable: Established affinity groups.

There was some discussion about the difference between the terms, affinity groups and employee resource groups. Affinity seems soft, implies a social focus, and is exclusionary. While, resource group implies inclusion and change. And, employee resource groups serve as a resource for both the individual members as well as the institution. These groups break barriers and drive innovation.

These groups should align with the strategic plan and they are certainly more than social groups. At our last meeting, Jennifer shared information about the ERGs and she has updated her slides since that meeting.

Several items of discussion about how these groups will be successful:

  • Each of the groups needs a sponsor who will advocate for the group. They should be committed, attend meetings.
  • A social media campaign should be shared to highlight groups and their impact.
  • Small amounts of money can help startup the groups. (One large company provided $500.)

We also discussed inclusive groups. Groups specifically for faculty are not inclusive of all staff. Example: Instead of a group for new faculty, perhaps new employees.

Several points to think through:

  • At what level does the sponsor work? Are they senior level employees? Does this offer more support to the groups?
  • Should funding be provided to the groups? If so, how much and are there guidelines regarding use?
  • Should the focus areas for the groups be centered on what are deemed as critical needs or should that be part of the selection process?
  • What type of support do we provide to applicants so proposals are solid?

At this point we were over our one-hour meeting time and we adjourned.