UH Hilo Strategic Planning

Meeting Notes - December 15, 2020

Relationships Committee Meeting: Tuesday, December 15 at 11:30am

Present: Makamae Kamaka-Mauhili, Kealiʻi Beck, Diane Chadwick, Julie Mowrer, Justina Mattos, Pat Guillen, Kathleen Baumgardner

Meeting purpose: Continued focus on our upcoming projects set for Spring semester

A UH Hilo Version of The Moth - Wailau

The idea: The purpose of Wailau events is to build connections across campus and with the wider community that go deeper than the roles we hold while honoring our complex, fragile and brave selves. In keeping with the meaning of our name, we will showcase five storytellers at each event - a UH faculty member, UH staff member, UH student, UH alum and a community member.

Per our last meeting, committee member reflections on the name Wailau can be found on the “About Wailau” webpage. We are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the name for as long as that name is used. Each event should allow participants and audience members to walk away with their own individual experience and the name should do the same, perhaps with a different meaning for each person.

Julie reported on the meeting with Julio from The Moth. They are offering a free 3-hour storytelling workshop for up to 23 participants. It consists of video viewing, brainstorming personal stories, story development, and then story sharing with feedback. There are typically two facilitators and opportunities for two breakout sessions. The format is set and they recommend no more than two stakeholder groups due to the number of facilitators and power dynamics within participant groups.They need some time to schedule and they do workshops on weekdays. There was a question about whether we should do the workshop with potential storytellers or with organizers (us and the English Club) plus storyteller mentors/coaches. If we did the latter, it might help us to provide the best experience for our storytellers.

The Wailau website and application for storytellers is live - https://hilo.hawaii.edu/wailau/ We discussed removing security authorization / dual authentication on the application so it is easier to apply.

There is a potential opportunity to widen viewership. Lee Barnette-Dombroski recently inquired about airing the virtual Great Leaps Dance Concert on Na Leo TV. It looks like they're happy to do so! There are two forms and a technical specification sheet being reviewed by legal counsel. Pending clearance, this might be something we could explore for Wailau There is a stipulation - programs aired should be exactly one hour or 30 minutes, otherwise they're broadcast during off-peak hours (midnight to 6am). If our episodes are short, we could promote the next Wailau or insert other content about the importance of storytelling, particularly in Hawaiʻi.

The UH Foundation has invited us to submit an online email request form so alumni relations can process a request for an email to be sent to alums. There is a two-week window, so the committee suggested sending the request as soon as possible.

Kathleen talked with Blaine Bautista about a YouTube Premiere on the UH Hilo event channel. He said it was doable and would be in touch after Commencement. The proposed plan:

  • A premiere on Sunday, February 14.
  • This premiere would include a live stream for a few minutes before the Premiere so we can welcome hosts, viewers and storytellers more informally, and then send viewers to the Premiere, so that viewers will see our live stream and autoplay will move them to the Premiere page.
  • Viewers can participate in live chat during the premiere and are able to interact with the storytellers.
  • Ideally, we would show a trailer in advance of the event to help with promotion along with a public watch page. This will give us a public URL for before, during, and after the premiere to share.

Needs discussed:

  • A schedule for taping the five stories? Justina said that we should be able to block off the stage for one week in order to tape the stories.
  • A premiere time? Justina suggested 2:00 or 3:00pm, per the theater world standard for Sundays. We decided on 2:00pm.
  • Hosts? Previously, we discussed a student host who spans multiple Wailau events and a different guest host who would fit well with the event theme. During the meeting, one student host was suggested - Zoi Nakamura. For guest hosts, specific to the Importance of Communication in Love theme - Ron Gordon (faculty) and Kimo Apaka (recent alum and radio personality on The Wave @ 92FM). Justina will reach out to Braden about whether they are interested in auditioning students for host. Julie will reach out to Keiki at Ka Haka 'Ula O Ke'elikolani to ask about their involvement.
  • Finalize ideas for the Wailau promotion plan? Kathleen shared a promotion plan for Wailau, that includes many opportunities. The first is already done - a blurb in Ha‘ilono o UH Hilo - published in the Dec 14 edition. We discussed targeted outreach efforts that each committee member might do. We also decided to add a question to the storyteller app, asking how they heard of Wailau and allow storytellers to choose multiple stakeholder roles.
  • Any last edits to the Ka Nūpepa article? The article will be submitted by the end of day December 16.
  • Video editing? We still need help here or this may fall to Makamae.

Action items for Wailau:

  • Julie will reconnect with Julio from The Moth to ask about a session with organizers and mentors/coaches.
  • Kathleen will submit the online email request form to alumni relations.
  • Justina will reach out to Braden about whether they are interested in auditioning students for Wailau host.
  • Julie will reach out to Keiki at Ka Haka 'Ula O Ke'elikolani to ask about their possible involvement in Wailau.
  • Kathleen will update the storyteller application to ease security issues, add a question about where they heard of Wailau, and allow applicants to choose multiple stakeholder roles.
  • Makamae will handle promotion through the UH Hilo App and reach out to Campus Center in order to promote the event to units and clubs and organizations.
  • Justina and Julie have email lists they have compiled, largely of community members, and they will reach out with information about Wailau.
  • Justina will talk with Glenn in the library about video editing options. Makamae will circle back with VVP.

Database of Community-Engaged Efforts (Collaboratory)

The idea: UH Hilo’s Collaboratory project will track, document and build community engagement, providing a way for students to seek out mentors, and UH Hilo to showcase collaborations between UH Hilo and the community through a searchable, interactive database with an outward-facing web presence.

Julie provided an update. The back end is complete with help from Institutional Research. CCE has hired a student intern from CoBE to help with the project. They are developing a plan for inputting information. They need to train many people across campus so all are able to add information. There is a tentative plan for the searchable outward facing module to be available by the end of Spring semester. Kathleen asked if Julie might give us a tour of Collaboratory at a future meeting and she agreed.

Action item for Collaboratory:

  • Kathleen and Julie will determine timing on the Collaboratory presentation to the committee.

Exhibit or Presentation of Faculty Work

The idea: We expect to see student work on display, but it is less often that we see faculty showcasing their work or interests for students. This humanizes the faculty, putting them into what is normally considered the role of the student. Students interested in talking to faculty about their work might have an easier route to do so and more easily make connections.

We had previously discussed a social media “Get To Know You” video campaign rather than an in-person exhibit or another Zoom event. This is meant to help students and faculty to connect. Kathleen reached out to Nyssa (UH Hilo Director of Institutional Marketing) and she said she was happy to support social media outreach for videos and she had suggestions/examples of recent efforts. We decided that short. Bite-sized videos would be the way to go. But how do we move forward without a videographer/editor? We discussed student help. Pat had submitted an application for the Committee for an intern and will circle back with CoBE.

Action item for “Get to Know You” Video Campaign:

  • Pat will talk with Andrey at CoBE about the intern application to check on status.

Lastly, we discussed progress on the idea of a course that helps our students connect with place. This was identified as a possible project for this committee, but it did not rise to the top. However, the Importance of Place Committee has moved forward and an exploratory committee has been formed that includes Julie Mowrer (from this committee), Kerri Inglis, Hualani Loo and Michele Ebersole (from the Importance of Place Committee). This group has consulted with the VCAA and decided to seek input from across campus to gauge support for the project, ask if others want to participate, and collect information about similar efforts on-campus and at other schools.

At this point in the discussion, the 90-minute meeting time was about to expire. We briefly discussed setting a new meeting time for Spring semester. The meeting was adjourned.