UH Hilo Strategic Planning

Meeting Notes - July 5, 2022

Importance of Place Committee Meeting:

Tuesday, July 5 at 1:00 pm

Present: Bruce Torres Fischer, Hualani Loo, Heather Kaluna, Michele Ebersole and Kathleen Baumgardner

Meeting purpose: Big Picture discussions


The onboarding and place survey was run by Kalei. He likes the barriers question and would like to learn more about existing barriers.

Kuleana and Community - the course is no longer experimental and now has a permanent number and it meets a GCC/HPP requirement. Kerri and Michele have been networking across campus - meeting with advising, housing, etc. The course needs Hawaiian student enrollments. Enrollments look fairly solid so far for Fall semester. They have learned much about overload verses inload cost differences. A peer mentor at Kīpuka Native Hawaiian Student Center is working on a promotional video. Could the course be included in admission presentations? Is there an opportunity on the student radio station? How might we recognize the faculty who are teaching Kuleana and COmmunity? Could the LLCs require the course? The vision is to develop faculty teaching the course and explore options for incorporating the course into their programs.

The meeting ended up being an opportunity to touch base. The Chancellor was to attend this meeting but was ill, so we met briefly and made a plan to reschedule.