UH Hilo Strategic Planning

Meeting Notes - November 23, 2021

Importance of Place Committee Meeting: Tuesday, November 23 at 10:00am

Present: Bruce Torres Fischer, Hualani Loo, Franny Brewer, Heather Kaluna and Kathleen Baumgardner

Meeting purpose: Discussing future projects

Gardens Project Update

The idea: There are multiple garden efforts across campus. Students participating in an on-campus improvement/garden project or event might learn about native plants, history, and the host culture, while getting their hands in the dirt and finding new ways to spend time in nature. These experiences will help students connect to our campus and the Hilo community in meaningful and authentic ways and provide healthy outlets to keep them grounded.

Kathleen met with Anya Benevides, UH Hilo VISTA Fellow. Her fellowship ends in March but she has applied for an extension until July. She may be pursuing a graduate degree at UH Hilo after that. One of her primary focus areas is completing the STARS report on UH Hilo’s sustainability performance. Over the summer she hosted campus-wide garden work days, partnering with Norman Arancon, horticulture. There was initial interest, but they were left with one student from ag to help and there was a need for hands-on workshops and oversight to keep volunteers engaged and knowledgeable. She has seen success with Kūlia’s work days in the Waipiʻo Valley (I believe through Pōhāhā I Ka Lani. They started with 13 volunteers and have 25 now. She does feel that a master calendar of volunteer opportunities would be very helpful. She also mentioned that she would be attending an upcoming Sustainability Committee meeting and that she would share our interest in identifying a home/coordinator for this effort.

If we had an overarching coordinator, he/she may be able to manage a calendar and organize work days on campus and off campus too. This coordinator might reach out to departments and organizations to pull groups together. There are two important features - service learning and kuleana to our campus. How do we create a campus culture that feels like “home”?

Action Items for Gardens Project:

  • Kathleen will follow up with Anya to share partnership information that may be helpful for the STARS report and ask about the Sustainability Committee meeting.
  • Heather will follow up with Kaʻiu on the compass garden

Ka Leo o ka Uluau Update

The idea: The first season of Ka Leo o ka Uluau is a 24-episode podcast, with installments released twice monthly in 2021. The purpose of the Ka Leo o ka Uluau podcast is to hoʻokamaʻāina listeners to the island of Hawaiʻi, starting in Hilo and moving clockwise around the island (Puna, Kaʻū, Kona, Kohala, and Hāmākua). Storytellers who are associated with each place share moʻolelo with podcast hosts Drew Kapp and Leilani DeMello. Episodes acquaint listeners with key places, histories, people, traditions, and lessons from each place. The blog associated with the podcast includes StoryMaps, images, etc. Only two episodes left of season 1! The last episode may or may not have a guest. For that last episode, they may use a format similar to the very first episode which laid the groundwork, but in this case it would wrap the season up.

The first episode of season 2 has been recorded with the topic of lauhala weaving. Bruce has been scheduling episodes on the University radio station. Our URL is very long for listeners, especially when it is being spelled out in promos. The podcast has now had 11,200 downloads. The Kilauea Recovery Action Team asked about using the podcast and Inoa Matters as training opportunities for county workers.

Kuleana & Community will be integrating the podcast. How do we help facilitate more usage? Is there an easy way to assist with curriculum development? One thought was searchable hashtags for podcast content - #anthropology, #history - to help educators identify episodes relevant to their classes at different points in the school year. Could this work be done or could we invite users to submit tags? Waihona was also mentioned as a possible platform for sharing the podcast, especially if there has been some curriculum development work done.

Action Items for the podcast:

  • Kathleen will reach out to Brennan to ask about a shortened URL for the podcast so it is easier to share on the radio.
  • Kathleen will reach out to Michele to ask if she has any ideas about an internship centered on basic curriculum development assistance with a project like hashtag usage.

Kuleana & Community Update

The idea: An entry level 3-credit course titled “Kuleana & Community” whose foundation lay in local history and service to the community. This course contributes to the stated goal of indigenizing the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo while also increasing retention, recruitment, and alumni support in the future. This entry level course introduces UH Hilo students to the diverse, multi-layered communities and histories of the island, better preparing them to more fully contribute to community engagement in their upper division courses.

Heather participated in several huaka‘i for those interested in teaching the course. Kerri has been very active in engaging faculty. Peer mentors have been hired. The six sections are open for spring registration and Kīpuka Native Hawaiian Student Center is helping to market the class and get the word out. The course is mostly unknown to students but there is still time to register. The course is eligible for HPP and GCC GE credits. Might course information be sent to faculty who teach freshman classes.

Action Items for Kuleana & Community:

  • Hualani will email Kerri to ask about putting together a Kuleana & Community video and possibly connect with a student to develop it.

New Projects - UH Hilo Action Plan

The process may be different from Action Plan deliverable to deliverable, as the number of collaborators and the sponsor will vary. We may have fewer meetings or the same. We may do more work via email. It’s difficult to say at this point.

Implement a campus-wide color palette & ʻōlelo signage (7.2.2) - updates

Web and Graphic Services has been added as collaborators. The sponsor contact for this deliverable is Jerry Watanabe. UHHSA Senator Kamalani Poepoe has connected with Kathleen. UHHSA has a campus banner project that could complement work on campus signage.

Formulate a detailed guide for a one-year onboarding process grounded in a sense of place and strategic framework: values, place, vision, priorities

We are listed as collaborators on two deliverables 1.1.2. with the VCAA and 8.1.1. with Human Resources. The first relates to an infrastructure that supports hiring/retention of faculty reflective of our diverse student body. The second creates a professional development program that targets critical skills needed on campus.

One typical way to look at onboarding is to consider these levels of engagement: - Compliance - policies/paperwork - Clarification - having an understanding of roles and responsibilities and how to contribute - Culture - connecting with the values and mission/vision of UH Hilo - Connection - building relationships

Where do we stand right now with onboarding? What needs to change?

Are there models and resources to look to for onboarding? How do we identify models that focus on or support connection to place?

  • Uluākea - it has recently received grant funding for a position. It also bridges UH hilo and HCC.
  • There is an astronomer's resource that provides support for teaching, help navigating universities, but there is less emphasis on research. There was a recent workshop to help build an action plan for teaching and research goals.
  • The professional development committee no longer operates as it has in the past. There is little onboarding for some staff members - it’s uneven across campus. It would be good to know what is happening across campus.
  • National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity

Action Items for new projects:

  • Kathleen will reach out to the sponsors to get a feel for our role as collaborators.

Challenges include putting more responsibility on faculty and staff and funding.

At this point in the discussion, the 90-minute meeting time expired. The meeting was adjourned.