UH Hilo Strategic Planning

Importance of Place Committee

Meeting Schedule and Notes

Committee Purpose

The Importance of Place Committee will examine how place impacts academics, the student experience, hiring and retention, professional development, promotion and tenure, community engagement, regional education and economic needs, research and collaborative efforts, campus culture, and our physical facility. The Strategic Doing Committees are charged to consult widely and form partnerships in order to convert ideas to outcomes with measurable characteristics. Conversations will be framed around appreciative questions and pre-planning evidence will serve as a resource throughout the process.

Strategic Doing principles will help guide the Doing Committees:

  • UH Hilo has a responsibility to build a prosperous, sustainable future for ourselves and future generations of faculty, staff, and students. This responsibility significantly impacts our community, the region, and the world.
  • Leadership should be a shared characteristic of the committee, because it will allow the group to tap into varying abilities and perspectives to meet our complex challenges.
  • No individual or organization can build a future alone. Projects that forge and leverage connections across units or involve collaboration among many stakeholders are particularly important. Strategy has to be a team effort and true collaboration involves linking, leveraging, and aligning resources.
  • Open, honest, focused, and caring collaboration among participants is the path to accomplishing clear, valuable, shared outcomes.
  • Belief in doing, not just talking is a key to moving us forward.
  • Efforts must align with UH Hilo’s values. Core Values: Diversity, Student-Focus, Relationship-Oriented. Aspirational Values: Collaboration, Integrity, Passion, Innovation