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Strategic Planning Consultations and Early Drafts

Key documents on this page

Early Draft Mission and Vision statements (January 2011)

Consultation Report - draft Mission and Vision statements (January 2011)

Draft Strategic Plan (April 2011)

Consultation Report - draft strategic plan (April 2011)


UH Hilo's Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) was committed to ensuring development of the new strategic plan is based on evidence and informed by the views of the university's stakeholders. This page gives details of the two consultations we held during the development process. The two consultations were for (1) draft mission and vision statements (January 2011), and (2) a draft of the strategic plan (April 2011). Both consultations were held via online survey and open town-hall sessions to all UH Hilo stakeholders.

Mahalo to everyone who participated in these consultations.

Draft Mission and Vision Consultation (January 2011)

Development of the draft mission (the university's purpose) and vision (where the university wants to be by 2020) statements was based on feedback already provided by UH Hilo stakeholders through the pre-planning phase that looked at areas like the university's strengths, weaknesses, challenges and priorities. A key outcome from the preplanning phase was that UH Hilo's identity is unclear and that the mission and vision, as important identity-related statements, needed to be revised.

Consultation report (PDF) - draft Mission and Vision

This report includes the draft mission and vision statements we sought feedback on in January 2011. These statements were revised as a result of the feedback and redrafts consulted on during the draft strategic plan consultation in April 2011 (see below).

Please see UH Hilo's previous mission and vision statements for 2002-2010.

Amendments made to draft Mission and Vision statements following January consultation (PDF)

This short report summarizes the main changes that the committee made to the draft mission and vision statements after the January consultation.

Draft Strategic Plan Consultation (April 2011)

Copy of the draft strategic plan (PDF)

The SPC recently sought feedback from UH Hilo stakeholders on a draft of the university's strategic plan for 2011-2015. This included:

  • Revised mission and vision statements
  • New 'who we are' and 'what we stand for' sections
  • Six draft strategic goals with supporting actions

Feedback was requested via online survey and three town-hall sessions to help the committee further develop and clarify the plan, before it is finalized by the end of May 2011.