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Endorsement Process for the 2011-2015 UH Hilo Strategic Plan

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Part of the strategic planning process involved seeking endorsement on a near final draft of the strategic plan from faculty, staff, students and key governance/advisory bodies. Endorsement in this context meant that on the whole, people felt that the plan was appropriate for UH Hilo.

There were three streams to the endorsement phase:

  • endorsement from governance/advisory bodies - endorsement was sought from the three governance/advisory bodies represented on the SPC. These included Faculty Congress, Hanakahi Council and the UH Hilo Student Association (UHHSA).
  • endorsement from faculty and staff - this was sought via a survey which was issued in mid-May 2011
  • endorsement from students - this was also sought via a survey which was issued in mid-May and inform UHHSA's endorsement of the plan.

Overall, there was a high level of endorsement of the plan from those people who responded to the endorsement surveys, and from each of the three bodies.

Some minor structural and grammatical amendments were made to the plan following the endorsement phase. View those changes.

Endorsement from Governance/Advisory Bodies

The Strategic Planning Committee sought endorsement of the strategic plan from the three governance/advisory bodies represented on the committee – Faculty Congress, Hanakahi Council and the UH Hilo Students Association. All three bodies endorsed the plan in May 2011. “Endorsement” in this regard indicated that the group/body considered the plan, by and large, appropriate for UH Hilo for the next five years.

Endorsement from Faculty and Staff

The committee also issued an ‘endorsement survey’ to all faculty and staff inviting individuals to endorse the plan. If respondents did endorse it, it meant that, by and large, they agreed that the plan is appropriate for UH Hilo for the coming years.

193 people completed the endorsement survey, 172 of which were direct employees of the university. This was the largest number of employees who had responded to any of the committee's previous consultations.

88% of all respondents said they endorsed the strategic plan. Split by broad respondent groupings the endorsement indications were:

  • 90% endorsement from direct employees (172 respondents)
  • 91% endorsement from tenured and tenure-track faculty (101 respondents)
  • 83% endorsement from non-tenure track faculty (12 respondents)
  • 88% endorsement from staff (incl. civil service, APT, E&M) (59 respondents)
  • 76% endorsement from others (incl. some students, alumni, retired employees and RCUH) (21 respondents)

Endorsement from Students

To inform UHHSA's vote to endorse the strategic plan, the SPC held an online endorsement survey for UH Hilo students in mid-May.

44 students completed the survey - this was the largest student response to any of the SPC's previous plan-related surveys. 84% indicated endorsement.