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Mentoring is Good Teaching

Mentors Profile

Check out the SHARP mentors profile, summary of their research project, type of skills students will acquire in the lab, and the number of Research Assistants they will mentor on the project. Be sure to check out the rest of the SHARP faculty for current and future research projects.

Dr. Shugeng Cao

Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Leng Chee Chang

Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Abhijit Date

Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Lincoln Gotshalk

Professor, Kinesiology & Exercise Sciences

Dr. Kerri Inglis

Chair, History

Dr. Susan Jarvi

Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Dana-Lynn Koʻomoa-Lange

Associate Professor, DKICP

Dr. Ingo Koʻomoa-Lange

Instructor, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Lynn Morrison

Professor, Anthropology

Dr. Scott Ferguson

Assistant Professor, Kineiology & Sciences

Dr. Charles Simmons

Associate Professor, Chemistry

Dr. Dianqing Sun

Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Ghee Tan

Associate Professor, DKICP

Dr. Tracy Wiegner

Professor, Marine Science

Dr. Supakit Wongwiwatthananukit

Professor, Pharmacy Practice

SHARP Faculty

Home-labCheck out the growing list of our SHARP faculty and their research topics for a wider perspective on ongoing biomedical research at UH Hilo.

Join the Mentors

SHARP Mentors FormBe part of the SHARP Mentors by downloading the simple application form with your name, contact, research title & synopsis, and other helpful info and email it to Dr. Lynn Morrison (