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Enhance Learning

SHARP aims to design and coordinate the enhancement of the scientific learning community to provide for better academic and social integration of students.

  • Introduction to Research: This course provides a foundation of proper scientific behavior, ethics, safety training, and fundamentals of research.
  • Research Seminar: This course meets weekly for students to develop their critical thinking and presentation skills, furthering their skills base, increasing their motivation, and providing greater social integration through peer-to-peer interaction.
  • Speaker Series: As part of the Research Seminar course, the research scholars will provide inspiration for students through a formal scientific seminar and interactions with SHARP students in an informal setting.
  • Symposium: The SHARP Symposium will allow students to present their work to the campus and community.
  • Future Planning: Students will be supported in planning their undergraduate careers, prepare their curricula vitae, to provide them mentoring, tutoring, GRE exam preparation, and graduate school applications. […]