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Cultivate Researchers

SHARP aims to cultivate the development of undergraduate and graduate scientific researchers through the following strategies:

  • Mentoring: For many people who have pursued a career in professional science, their decision followed from a hands-on experience in a college research lab under the mentorship of one of their professors. Underrepresented undergraduates coming into SHARP from RISE-relevant departments will be partnered with a mentor based on the student’s research interests selected from a list of on-going research projects.
  • Research Assistantship: Students will work in their mentor’s lab approximately 15 hrs/wk during the academic year and full-time during the summer. PhD students participate in SHARP activities and will be doing research throughout the program.
  • Relevance: Cultural relevance and sensitivity will be achieved by interaction with faculty in the Hawaiian culture program.
  • Conference Participation: Both undergraduates and PhD students will present their research results at national and international meetings and publish in scientific journals. SHARP research projects will be performed at the UH Hilo campus.
  • Networking: Visits to laboratories at the UH Mānoa campus and UH Cancer Center will provide motivation and create networking connections to developing careers in the biomedical sciences for the SHARP students.

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