The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crimes Statistics Act

(formerly Campus Security Act)

The University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo complies with the Campus Security Act by publishing, on an annual basis, crimes that occur on-campus, residence halls, non-campus and public property adjacent to the University Campus. These crimes include murder, negligent homicide, forcible and non forcible sex offenses, robbery, burglary, motor vehicle theft and arson. Additionally, hate crimes, weapons offenses, drug and alcohol use and arrests are reported

Sexual Assault Policy

The University has a Student Sexual Assault Policy and will not tolerate acts of sexual assault on members of our campus community. Efforts at preventing sexual assault are provided by various campus agencies including the Division of Student Affairs, Women's Center, University Housing, and Campus Security.

Sexual assault is defined as any form of unwanted sexual contact and includes rape, acquaintance rape, and other sexual acts directed against another person. It does not require the use of physical force and can be the result of a threat, expressed or implied, that places a person in fear of bodily injury.

Reports of all sexual assaults are encouraged, and can be made to any member of the University's Sexual Assault Response Team, which includes staff from the Women's Center, Counseling Services, Student Medical Services, University Housing, Dean of Students, and Campus Security. UH Hilo is committed to ensuring that students who are victims/survivors of sexual assault are treated in a respectful, supportive and caring manner, and that his/her safety, privacy and confidentiality is preserved to the greatest extent possible. Team members will ensure that victims/survivors will be able to access advocacy, medical mental health and other support services in a timely manner; will receive information about options for recourse; and will be presented with reasonable academic and other accommodations.

Any University student or employee found responsible for a sexual assault is subject to the provisions of Hawaiʻi State Law, University Policy and/or the Student Conduct Code. For more information, visit:

Reporting of Crimes and Emergencies

The University encourages the prompt reporting of all emergencies, violations, and criminal incidents by calling the police (911) or to Campus Security (974-7911). When a call is received by security, an Officer will be immediately dispatched. Often a quick report will aid in the apprehension of the suspect and/ or prevention of a crime. All reported incidents are investigated and recorded. Incidents also can be reported to any University employee. Please read the memo regarding UH Hilo staff obligations to report criminal activity or potential criminal activity immediately.