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Seed Money Guidelines

The Research Council has some limited funds for the Research Relations Fund and Seed Money Grants and invites applications. Proposals (electronic copies only) should be submitted to the UH Hilo Office of Research to the attention of Dawn Namahoe at The subject line of your email should be Seed Grant Proposal or Research Relations Fund Proposal.

Earliest application submission date is Monday, April 9. Application deadline is Friday, April 20, 2018, by 4:00 p.m. All applications will be reviewed equally as long as they are submitted by the deadline. Please be sure that the filename for the file that you submit begins with your last name. See the sidebar on the Research Council webpage for more information about each specific opportunity.

Please note that funding is particularly tight this year. Please make sure that your application conforms to the requirements. All proposals should be written in language that faculty outside of your discipline can easily understand. Clearly identify the procedures and goals of your project. Do Not submit cut and paste edited sections out of NSF and NIH proposals. Remember, the SEED grants are intended to fund new lines of research that can lead to submission of an extramural grant application Successful grants will have a detailed budget that is justified by the proposed research and a clear plan for developing and submitting an extramural grant.

Please be sure that the filename for the file you submit begins with your last name.

  1. Seed Money Grants provide support to initiate research activities or other innovative scholarship which has the potential of generating extramural funding or an equivalent measure of scholarly achievement, in fields in which extramural funding is scarce. The applicant must demonstrate that the proposed project is new and original and must list extramural agencies that might provide future support for the project.
  2. Grants are to be made to any full-time member of the faculty at UH Hilo. Those who are on leave of absence without pay and visiting faculty are ineligible.
  3. Support is provided for research in curriculum development or for training institute planning which may generate support for the full utilization of the developed curriculum or training program. Indication of potential extramural support is required in the application as well as a listing of extramural agencies that might support the project proposal.
  4. Awards are limited to one seed money grant per faculty or staff member per year. A grant may be considered for renewal for a second year only if there is strong evidence that the additional work will strongly enhance the potential for extramural support for that project and there are funds available. A faculty or staff member may be awarded no more than two grants during a five-year period.
  5. Funds may be requested for all types of expenses directly related to the proposal with the following exceptions: dissertation research, manuscript preparation, summer stipends, books, dues, subscriptions to journals, and supplies and equipment normally provided by departments. Requests for the purchase of personal computers and printers from these funds are strongly discouraged.
  6. The maximum award is $15,000. Requests for smaller grants are strongly encouraged. Requests for larger amounts must be fully and carefully justified. The budget should be detailed in the Seed Grant Budget Page and expenditures should be justified and match requirements given in the proposal.
  7. Support to travel to professional meetings to present results of research should not be included in this application. Such requests should be directed to the UH Hilo Research Council's Travel Awards Program.
  8. Proposals which include "matching funds" will be given priority. (The matching must come from funds not already allocated or available to the PI.)
  9. Applications for support from this fund will be reviewed and awards will be made by the UH Hilo Research Council on a competitive basis judged on the merit and feasibility of the proposed projects and the potential for generating extramural funding.
  10. Reviewers look closely at the format of the grant and how well it explains goals and their connections to extramural grant opportunities. Please follow instructions attached to the proposal document to make your proposal easy to read and keep in mind that reviewers may come from a variety of disciplines and your grant should be written in a way that the scientific problems, methods, and goals are easily understood by scientists outside of your specialty.
  11. Budgets should be well thought out, itemized, and be directly related to the project. Please use the Seed Grant Budget Page spreadsheet to submit your budget. Grants with justified detailed budgets are more likely to be successful.
  12. The Research Council does not discriminate against faculty members who currently hold or who have previously held extramural grants. However, an intramural seed money grant is not intended to be used as a supplement to an extramural grant.
  13. The UH Hilo Research Council reserves the prerogative of reducing the size of an award below that requested by the applicant if it is in the best interest of the overall program.