Research at UH Hilo

Research Relations Awards

2019-2020 Awards

  1. Bardwell-Jones, Celia: Geographies of Islands and Cities within tourism: Comparative approaches to touristic landscapes in Mexico and Hawai'i, $2,632
  2. Goebel, Jonathon: Sabbatical travel research projects, $2,810

2018-2019 Awards

  1. An, Zheng: Neighborhood storytelling network and emotional disclosure: A case study on Hawai'i false missile alert, $1,751
  2. Besio, Kathryn: Feminist Life Stories in Colonial Landscapes, $5,835
  3. Okuyama, Yoshiko: Tōjisha Book Project, $5,000

2017-2018 Awards

  1. Inglis, Kerri: Kalaupapa: Manuscripts and Exhibits, $4,560
  2. Kawakami, Chad: Use of Pyschotropic Medications by Elderly Patients presenting to the Emrgency Department (ED) after a fall related injury, $4,576

2016-2017 Awards

  1. Smith, Jeffrey: Daniel Inouye: 20th Century War Hero 21st Century Statesman, $2,500

    ∗Award declined via email on 8/16/16

2015-2016 Awards

  1. Bitter, Michael: George, Lord Forbes, and His Mission to Russia, 1733-1734: Evidence from St Petersburg and Berlin, $4,900
  2. Goebel, Jonathon: Solo Exhibition of Art Work, Univ. of Tulsa's Sherman Smith Family Gallery, $3,249
  3. Marusek, Sarah: Eruption, Emergency, and Public Visitation: Comparative Approaches to Lava Tourism in Hawaii and Iceland, $4,311
  4. Simmons, Charles: X-ray Crystal Structures of Biologically Active Natural Product Molecules, $4,311

2014-2015 Awards

  1. Bitter, Michael: George, Lord Forbes and his Mission to Russia, $2,525
  2. Goo, Roy: Evaluation of Vancomycin Dosing Models in Elderly Asian Patients, $4,200
  3. Tokumaru, Sheri: Importance of Continuity in Practice Sites on Pharmacy Student Performance, $4,900

2013-2014 Awards

  1. Hern, Lindy: Narratives of Opportunity in the Movement for Health Care Reform, $1,366.60
  2. Inglis, Kerri: Leprosy/Hansen's disease in Hawaiian & World history, $5,000
  3. Saft, Scott: Toward an Understanding of the Uses and Functions of Hawaiʻi Creole English in the Private and Public Domains of Hawaiian Society, $4,140
  4. Smith, Jeffrey: Linekona: Abraham Lincoln and the Hawaiian Islands, $4,260

2012-2013 Awards

  1. Bitter, Michael: Acquisition of Digital Materials from the British National Archive, $2,208
  2. Ohara, Yumiko: The political side of indigenous language revitalization, $3,880
  3. Panek, Mark: Fields to Mills: A History of Hawaii's Sugar Plantations, $1,070
  4. Parham, Vera: Sites of Power: Protest, People, and the Land in the Pacific, $1,500
  5. Qin, Yucheng: A clash of civilizations: Chinese Traditiional Native--‐Place sentiments and the Chinese Exclusion Act, $3,500
  6. Smith, Jeffrey: Poi and Hardtack: Hawaiian Monarchy and the US Civil War, $3,735

2011-2012 Awards

  1. Bitter, Michael: Digital Copies from the British National Archives, $1,125
  2. Inglis, Kerri: Ma'i ho'oka'awale 'ohana, $5,000
  3. Marusek, Sarah: Visual Legal Semiotics on the Big Island, $1,096
  4. Smith, Jeffrey: Native Hawaiian Voices in the American Civil War, $2,996

2010-2011 Awards

  1. Fukushima, Yoshiko: Comedy in Wartime Japan: Furukawa Roppa's War Propaganda Plays, $4,500
  2. Howell, Matthew: Japanese Choral Music Research Study, $4,855
  3. Panek, Mark: Big Happniess Book Project, $5,000

Updated 03/24/2021.