Research at UH Hilo

Intramural Programs

Intramural funding opportunities are available for 2024.
Priority applications are due February 8, 2023.

The UH Hilo Research Council administers two regular intramural grant programs. Full time faculty or professional staff may apply for these grants, but may only apply once per year for each type of grant.

In general, junior faculty are favored over senior faculty in award decisions, although the major criterion is merit.

The UH Hilo Research Council may change the award programs on a yearly basis based upon funding and faculty interest, by adding or deleting programs or by changing the funding levels allocated to these programs.

Important Links

  • Travel Awards are to be awarded for travel to professional conferences where the faculty/staff member will be presenting papers and/or posters/exhibits that report on their research efforts. Travel awards are for a maximum of $2,500.
  • Seed Money Grants support research by faculty, for a maximum of $30,000 annually, that is expected to yield results that will help the investigator receive extramural funding for research in the future.
  • Learn what to do once you have received an intramural grant.

Additional Information

Tips for Preparing Your Intramural Application

  • If your project involves contact with human participants (e.g., surveys, interviews), including de-identified existing data or biospecimens, you will need to demonstrate that you have submitted a protocol for review by the UH IRB. Please consult the UH IRB webpage for more information on things like the type of protocol to submit, guidelines for developing consent forms, and training that is required of all research staff (including students) prior to submitting a protocol for review. See: UH IRB.
  • If your project involves animal subjects, please check into the IACUC requirements. If required, you should show evidence that you have applied. See: UH IACUC.
  • Per diem rates vary by location nationally and internationally. See: National GSA Rates and International State Dept Rates.
  • Conferences can only be funded by Travel Awards.
  • You may wish to consult our page on Tips for Making Budgets when preparing an application for one of these programs.