Research at UH Hilo

Extramural Proposal Development Fund

Intramural funding opportunities for this fund will not be available for the present academic year due to funding constraints.

One of the primary goals of the UH Hilo Research Council is to foster research and scholarly activities, particularly those that result in extramural grant applications. To support extramural grant writing activity by permanent faculty, the Research Council will supply funding to hire lecturers for faculty working on extramural grant proposals for Spring 2020. To be eligible, you must be a full-time, tenure-track faculty member and be able to secure support from your department/school chair, College of Arts and Sciences division chair, and dean/director for your participation.

The application form must be completed and sent to your department chair, division chair (if applicable), and dean/director for their recommendation and approval. This form must be completed using word processing software (no hand-written applications please). Incorrectly completed forms will not be accepted. It is up to the applicant to ensure that Department/Division Chairs and Deans have reviewed and signed.

The applicant must provide a title for the proposed grant along with a short summary of the grant topic. This summary must be three paragraphs and be a well-written, concise description of your grant topic. The summary must include a brief description of the proposed research, intellectual merits, and broader impacts. The applicant must be PI on proposal or co-PI with 50+% of proposal development. Collaborative proposals by two or more UHH co-PIs are encouraged. The proposal will be evaluated on the basis of your summary, present/past grant activity, submitted proposals, potential for success, publications, presentations, and the support of your department/college. The Council strongly encourages untenured faculty that may have little or no experience to apply along with more experienced faculty (a faculty mentor is greatly encouraged). The Council is very supportive of helping develop early career faculty. Additionally, the Council encourages those that have previously obtained extramural funding as well as faculty who have been without support and are looking to re-establish grant funding.

The Research Council will provide funds to reimburse the department/college for hiring a lecturer to replace a three-credit-hour course for one semester. In return, the applicant is obligated to submit a grant proposal for extramural funding within 12 months following the beginning of the course release. Applicants who have submitted Seed Money Grant proposals or have been awarded a Seed Money Grant in the past are encouraged to apply for funding to assist in developing their Seed Money Grant results into an extramural grant application. The Research Council will also consider applications for funding to improve a previously submitted extramural grant proposal that showed promise but was not funded upon the initial application (many grant applicants are unsuccessful on their first try, but are successful upon subsequent submissions).

Please send your application and supporting information to Dawn Namahoe , by Oct 11, 2019. Good luck!