Research at UH Hilo

UH Hilo Course or Faculty Instructional Time Buyout Guidance

Course or faculty instruction time buyouts may be proposed in UH Hilo extramural research grants, dependent on granting institution policies and information provided in RFPs. The amount that you incorporate into a proposal and is charged by the university is based on salary+fringe. The calculated cost is based on the instructional faculty members' 9-month salary plus the fringe (or its equivalent for 11-month faculty) for the requested load buyout and period (Contact Human Resources to obtain your fringe rate). An 11-month faculty member's 9-month base salary equivalent to be used in the calculation is 9/10.5 * their 11-month salary. A single 3-credit course is considered equivalent to 12.5% of an instructional faculty member's time during an academic calendar year. For example, the estimated cost of a single 3-credit course buyout for a 9-month instructional faculty member with a salary of $80K would be $80K * 1.52 (using a 52% fringe rate) * 0.125 time = $15.2K. (Faculty should work with their college Administrative Officer or fiscal support specialist for an accurate calculation; otherwise, use the current composite fringe rate for faculty from the Office of Research Services)

Course buyouts provided for research activities should be discussed with the department chair to ensure that course load can be reassigned, as necessary.

The college dean will need to approve the course load reassignment.