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Extramural Funding

The University of Hawai╩╗i at Hilo strongly encourages faculty to apply for extramural funding of scholarly and/or creative activities as well as training grants to enhance instructional capabilities. There are diverse international, federal, state, county and private agencies that provide funds for such activities.

Important Information for Faculty Researchers

The following individuals serve as the Fiscal Authority (FA) for all extramural funds received by UH Hilo. The FA reviews and approves procurement and payment requests and all other financial transactions involving extramural project funds.

  • Paula Gealon, Administration/Fiscal Services Administrator, Research Administration/Project Development (RAPD). Leads for the post-award financial/procurement team (f/k/a RAPD) and serves as fiscal administrator for these accounts (FA code 116). Handles approval for all grants except as noted below. Provides FA review of all payments and travel completion documents except for grants/accounts noted below. Reviews all subaward transactions (encumbrances and payments).
  • Christy Pacheco, Administrative/Fiscal Services Specialist, RAPD.Assists Paula Gealon with all nonÔÇÉprocurement,post award financial transactions including FA review and approval of all personnel transactions (both for RCUH and for UH/UH Hilo).Provides FA review of all purchase orders, vendor agreements, and travel requests except for grants/accounts noted below. Reviews all stipend transactions.
  • Ryan Shiroma, Administrative Services Assistant, RAPD.FA Designee for all RTRF service ordered accounts as well as for the EPSCoR, SBDC, and Pharm2Pharm projects.FA Designee for all extramural accounts for which Mary Jo Riehm provides administrative support.
  • Lyndsay Ifo, FA Designee for all grants/accounts except for those noted above..

More information


For more information about extramural grants, contact Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Kenneth A. ÔÇťKenÔÇŁ Hon.