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Daniel E. Brown

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Professor of Anthropology

photo of Dan BrownBackground: I received a Bachelor's degree in Biology from Brown University , but got sidetracked in my junior year by an anthropology course taught by James Deetz. I caught the anthropology "bug" and focused my studies on biological anthropology in graduate school, receiving degrees (M.A. and Ph.D.) from Cornell University . My research interests are in how humans adapt to stress, whether of the physical variety (heat, cold, high altitude hypoxia) or, particularly, of the psychosocial variety. I also study ethnic disparities in health, with a special focus on ethnic disparities in type 2 diabetes and hypertension risk in Hawaii. My research has been done in Hawaiʻi, both on Oahu and the Big Island.

Current research: My current research has focused on the simultaneous use of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring and stress hormone analysis as a means of assessing the response of people to psychosocial stress. I am particularly interested in using these measures to try to understand more about ethnic differences in blood pressure and risk for both hypertension and stroke. My recent research studies have surveyed women at mid-life to examine ethnic differences in symptoms associated with menopause, and I am also involved with research on risk factors for type 2 diabetes in school children.

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Selected Publications

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