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Dear Colleagues:

Extramural funding is close to an absolute necessity to conduct research in certain disciplines. In addition, the RTRF generated by sponsored grant activity supports UH Hilo faculty in all disciplines through the Seed Grant, Research Relations Grant, and Travel Grant award programs and the course release program discussed in this memo.

UH Faculty Development Policies

Unfortunately, in this era of flat federal research budgets, obtaining and renewing extramural support has never been more challenging.

One goal of the Office of Research is to facilitate and increase sponsored extramural grant activity at UH Hilo. To this end, and as you may recall, certain faculty have previously received course releases funded by the Office of Research in recent years. Those faculty colleagues are listed at the end of this page.

At this time, I anticipate that there will be sufficient resources to continue this initiative in the 2016-17 academic year. This program, administered through the Office of Research (with input from the Graduate Council) will focus on faculty who have been successful in obtaining extramural support in the recent past (since January 2011), and have used this support to mentor graduate students. Graduate research is a highly specialized form of teaching that when done well, requires a tremendous commitment of time from the graduate student preceptor. The Office of Research recognizes that the mentoring of graduate students is time consuming and that faculty need course reductions to mentor students appropriately, to publish student work, and to write proposals.

The chairs of UH Hilo graduate programs have been asked to nominate program faculty, for course releases by May 15, 2016.

To be eligible, the faculty nominated by the graduate program chair must have a signed commitment from their department/school chair, division chair (CAS faculty only), and dean/director in support of the requested course reduction. The Office of Research will provide funds to reimburse the home department/college for hiring a lecturer to replace a three credit hour course, for one semester in academic year 2015-2016. In return, the applicant is expected to apply for extramural funding (renewal of single PI support, multi PI grant, etc.) during the year following the end of the course release.

The chairs of graduate programs should send their list of nominees and supporting information to Yolanda Andres by May 15, 2016. Good luck!

Thank you and best wishes,
Matt Platz

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