Campus Recreation

Sailing Club

Sailing is currently on hold due to Covid-19 until further notice.

We have a Sailing Club that meets and goes out on a regular basis. We have a series of FJ’s that take the bay by storm!

UH Hilo Sailing Club boats, awaiting the next outing

The sailing boats are no longer stored at the bay; the website will be updated when the boats are moved back to the bay.

Sailing Details

This club teaches you the basics of small boat sailing, gives you practical, hands on experience with small boats and provides a fun learning experience for nautical knowledge!

As our sails fill with wind our technique is becoming almost graceful. We work on how to sail faster and with more precision! How to do fun things like dock, pull alongside something, pick someone up if they fall overboard and even how to sail backwards. All while practicing our basics all over again!