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Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports are competitive and recreational activities designed to encourage participation by students in a wide variety of sports that are played on campus. Intramural sports are structured for a variety of different skill levels, are inclusive in nature, and are conducted in a safe, supervised environment.

  • You must be a member of the Student Life Center. Membership is $78 per Semester. If you are taking a person to person class, the membership fee is included with your fees. If you are taking online classes only, the $78 fee must be paid at the SLC's front desk. (Cash, check or credit cards are accepted).
  • IDs are required upon entry with current validations from Lava Landing (ex. SP22)
  • You will need to make a reservation on the Campus Recreation Intramural Sign up Page.
  • Free Agents: Sign-up as a free agent if you do not have a team and we’ll place you on one!


There are a variety of intramural games scheduled.

Basketball Basketball Champs Description of photo

Volleyball Description of photo Description of photo

Soccer Description of photo

Dodgeball & Pickleball Description of photo Description of photo

Basketball and Volleyball Basketball

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Intramural Champions Fall 2023!

Winners of the Intramural Dodgeball Championship

Dodgeball Champions pose for a photo in the Vulcan Gym

Winners of the Intramural Volleyball Championship

Volleyball champions show off their new shirts

Want to be a Ref? Have an idea or suggestion for an Intramural sport? Please contact Campus Recreation .