UH Hilo Academic Policies | Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Teaching Workload Assignments and Equivalencies

I. Policy 2018-2019
Academic Year : 9.214

The instructional faculty of the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo have duties and responsibilities that encompass a number of professional activities in addition to teaching. The nature and scope of these additional duties depend on the particular mission of the unit and program and the relationship of that mission to the faculty member’s professional qualifications. As instruction is the university’s highest priority, however, teaching remains the most important duty of its faculty. This policy sets standards for the assignment of the instructional component of faculty responsibilities, as required by UH BOR Policy 9.214.

  1. Teaching workloads for regular classroom instruction and online or hybrid instruction are listed below. These courses generally require at least 45 hours of direct contact and ~90 hours of preparation and evaluations per 3 credit hour course per semester (or 1 WCH per 15 contact hours and 30 support hours per semester). Course credit hours (CCH) equal workload credit hours (WCH) for these courses. The minimum number of students should 25 in normal courses. Writing intensive certified courses have limits of 20 students; certain other courses may be granted special dispensation for lower course caps with permission of the Dean and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

    Except as otherwise provided herein, the standard teaching assignments for classroom and online teaching for full-time instructional faculty shall be as follows:

    1. 24 semester credit hours (WCH) per academic year at the University of Hawaiʻi for 9 month faculty. 30 WCH are expected for 11-month faculty.
    2. Tenure track faculty typically teach 18 credit hours (WCH) per academic year and are typically granted 6 WCH per academic year to conduct an equivalent amount of research and service.
    3. Non-tenure track faculty shall teach 24 credit hours (WCH) per academic year.
    4. Team taught courses are assigned fractional WCH as determined by Department Chairs and Deans.
    5. A maximum of two 3 CCH courses may be taught by faculty as overloads during the regular academic year (one per semester) (UHPA, XXI.F). Overload courses are assigned by consultation with the Department Chair, Division Chair, and Dean with the permission of the faculty member.
  2. Teaching equivalencies for laboratory, clinical practice, and other intensive practical teaching courses that typically have enrollments of 10-20 students:

    1. 1.5 WCH is assigned for 1 CCH Laboratory classes and other special classes that meet for 45 direct contact hours per semester.
    2. 4.5 WCH are assigned for 3 CCH Clinical and practicum courses that meet for 135 direct contact hours per semester
    3. 1 WCH is assigned for 1 CCH seminar and recitation courses that meet for 15 direct contact hours per semester.
    4. 1 WCH is assigned DKICoP faculty teaching Laboratory / Workshop Instruction that meet for 45 direct contact hours per semester.
    5. 1 WCH is assigned DKICoP faculty teaching Clinical Rotation Directors or Preceptors either per 1 CCH or per 15 direct contact hours per semester.
    6. WCH for internship and thesis courses are determined by consultation with the Dean and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and should reflect estimated contact hours based upon the difficulty of the oversight and review being provided and the number of students in the course.
    7. No WCH is given for x99 directed studies courses.
  3. Teaching equivalencies for part-time faculty and part-time temporary faculty shall be the same as for full time faculty. Part-time lecturers are hired from the Lecturer Pool following all HR and UHPA policies.

  4. Teaching equivalencies for non-teaching duties.

    1. Division Chairs in CAS receive 6 WCH per year, a $450 per month stipend, and an 11-month salary.
    2. Department Chairs receive a $300 per month stipend and typically receive 3-6 WCH per year depending on number of majors and faculty. Compensation for additional duties may be temporarily provided with approval of the Dean and VCAA.
    3. The Chair of UH Hilo Faculty Congress receives 6 WCH per academic year.
    4. Committee Chairs of Faculty Congress may receive additional compensation depending on the current workload and approval by the VCAA.
    5. WASC ALO receives 6 WCH per year and an 11-month appointment.
    6. Additional compensation may be temporarily awarded for other duties such as assessment, program review, advising etc. upon approval by the VCAA.