Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Purging of Inactive Courses

Academic Policy 1-2006

Effective: January 13, 2006
Supercedes: N/A

The Course Catalog represents a contract between the University and its students, and therefore should include only courses that are likely to be taught during a student’s career at UH Hilo. Any course which has not been taught in six semesters and which is unlikely to be taught within the following two semesters will be declared inactive and will be removed from the catalog.

A course may be

  1. permanently removed from course inventory if it will not be taught again or
  2. removed from the catalog but retained in inventory so that its department can offer it again in the future.

This policy applies only to existing courses; it does not supersede the current policy on new course proposals or modifications.


Prior to the date on which catalog copy must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar , each Dean/Director will review her/his College’s course listings for currency and will instruct the Office of the Registrar and the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs in writing as to the disposition of inactive courses. The VCAA’s office will provide the catalog editor with a list of courses to be removed from the new catalog.

If a College wishes to offer a course which is in the course inventory but has been removed from a prior catalog, the Dean/Director will inform the Registrar and the VCAA’s office. The Dean/Director’s office will be responsible for adding the course to the new catalog’s proof sheets and for indicating to the catalog editor that the course is being retrieved from inventory. If the course had previously been permanently removed from inventory, it will need to be proposed as a new course.