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Job Listing

The Pacific Islander Student Center provides funding to the following departments on campus to hire qualified Pacific Islander students at UH Hilo. Click on each office below or scroll to view the positions. Click here to review the requirements and how to apply for these AANAPISI grant funded student positions.

Admissions Office

About: The University of Hawai‘i at Hilo Office of Admissions assists students in their college search process by visiting high schools and community colleges, attending college fairs and corresponding with students over email and telephone.
Supervisor: Cheryl Sarme (

Student Assistant

Role: To provide information, answer questions and promote the University to prospective students and their families over the telephone, email, in-person, and through daily campus tours, and other clerical duties.

Anthropology Department

Mission: Anthropology is devoted to the “holistic” study of humankind, to the understanding and explanation of human beings in all of their diverse aspects at all times and places. The Department of Anthropology is home to a diverse community of anthropologists who study all aspects of human life, from our hominid origins millions of years ago to the vast diversity of populations living in the world today.
Supervisor: Dr. Craig Severance (

Community and Social Research Student Assistant

Role: To assist the Department of Anthropology and a community nonprofit organization, MU-BI, with meetings, organization of information on grants, community outreach and culturally relevant projects.

Center for Global Education & Exchange (CGE&E)

About: The first and priority and fundamental mission of the CGE&E is to internationally develop all aspects of the collegiate experience to assure that students are successful as future leaders in the greater world community.
Supervisor: Carolina Lam (

Study Abroad Advisor

Role: Assist with marketing strategy to recruit and motivate students to study abroad. Position requires working with various UHH departments, faculty and staff. Will assist in the creation and maintenance of articulation databases. Assist in the creation of programming for international educational purposes.  Will help directors advise students in regards to studying abroad. Becoming familiar with international agreements between UH Hilo and other universities as well as affilated study abroad programs. 

Financial Aid Office

About: The Financial Aid Office provides guidance and financial aid to students who are unable to pursue their education without such help.
Supervisor: Marcia Tavares (

Office Assistant

Role: To assist the staff with clerical duties.

Minority Access & Achievement Program (MAAP)

About: MAAP provides a gathering place and services that promote student development, increases cultural awareness and offers activities that is responsive to and enhances the academic and social needs of a diverse, underrepresented student population.

The primary mission is to empower underrepresented ethnic groups to access and successfully navigate through their college experience and develop as leaders as they strive towards their goals at the University and beyond.
Supervisor: Ginger Hamilton (

Peer Assistant

Role: To serve as a peer mentor for the participants in the PALS (Peer Assistant Linkages and Support) program which helps underrepresented ethnic minority students (including Filipino, Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders), who are first time freshman or transfer students, make a successful transition into college. Peer assistants provide individualized and group academic and personal support services on a regular basis to PALS students. Duties also include planning and participating in cultural, social, service learning, and recruitment activities. work with the Peer Assistant Linkages and Support (PALS) Program to empower and motivate first year underrepresented students at UH Hilo.

Communications Specialist

Role: To assist the MAAP office it it’s marketing and outreach efforts specifically to underrepresented ethnic groups; particularly Pacific Islanders and Filipinos and helping them to learn about opportunities at UH Hilo. Assist with program website design and maintenance to ensure contents are up-to- date and relevant. Help to maintain database and listserve of student, staff and community groups. Help with recruitment and program events and activities.

Mookini Library

About: The University Library is a gathering place and a gateway to many sources of learning and knowledge for the University of Hawai'i at Hilo and Hawai'i Community College 'ohana as well as our diverse Hawai'i Island community. With a spirit of aloha and commitment to excellence, the Library provides resources, instruction, and services to encourage academic success and develop information-literate, lifelong learners.
Supervisor: Michelle Sylvester (

Library Student Assistant

Role: To work under general supervision as assigned according to established procedures and/or to supervise A1's. Preparing requisitions/purchase orders, searching library files and bibliographic tools to verify book orders, revising records required by complex automated systems, shelving and mending books and other library material, shelf-reading and shifting when necessary, other duties as assigned.

Systems PC - Lab Student Assistant

Role: Some combination of the following: Monitor paper and toner levels of printers in the PC-Lab, Library Instructional Classroom, 3rd and Main floor print stations. Assist Library patrons with their basic computer issues. Once every hour, walk the Library and identify equipment and peripherals that are out of order and report it to the Systems IT Specialist or the Systems Librarian. Clean keyboards and mice once a week. Assist Systems IT staff and students with projects during slow times, and other duties as assigned.

Office of Campus Technology (OCT)

About: The goal of OCT is to consolidate computing center, academic computing and media services into one cohesive unit to emphasize the importance of technology in higher education and to facilitate the offering of campus programs to off-campus sites through distance learning (DL) technology.
Supervisor: Robert Chi (

Hiring NowMultimedia Assistant

Role: (1) provide assistance on installation of classroom multimedia equipment, (2) operate classroom Polycom stations, (3) troubleshoot multimedia equipment, (4) provide assistance for computer lab setup and general maintenance services for computer and AV equipment.

Office of Intercollegiate Athletics

About:The Office of Intercollegiate Athletics supports the academic mission of the University of Hawai`i at Hilo while fostering connections with the UH Hilo community and beyond. It does so by providing men and women the opportunity to pursue a quality baccalaureate education while building character and developing leadership, teamwork and other lifelong skills.
Supervisors: Audrey Hirayama ( & Kallen Miyataki (,

Athletics Student Assistant

Role: To assist with pre-game set up and breakdown of Athletics events, special events, promotional activities and athletic practices. Usher, work at concession, videotaping, scoring, ticket taking, media runners and field maintenance work of grounds, facilities and vehicles, and other duties as assigned.

Pacific Islander Student Center (PISC)

About: Recognizing that under-represented students are sometimes marginalized on college campuses, the Pacific Islander Student Center at UH Hilo encourages and supports the achievements and contributions of Pacific Islanders on campus and in the surrounding community.
Supervisor: Desha Staley-Raatior ( & Vidalino Raatior (

Peer Mentoring Coordinator

Role: To coordinate a peer mentoring program by recruiting current Pacific islander students to serve as peer mentors for new Pacific Islander sudents and facilitating gatherings of the peer mentors.

Marketing Coordinator

Role: To manage all channels of communications to students and the general public including the center's Facebook page, website, YouTube, Twitter, as well as being in charge of the What's Our Story? digital story project.

Events Coordinator

Role: To manage all the workshops, meetings, trainings, and all programs that happens at the Center for Pacific islander students.

Community Outreach Coordinator

Role: To manage the Center's outreach to the Pacific island community on the Big Island and the UH Hilo community.


Role: To maintain hours at the Center to support the academic success of Pacific islander students by providing tutoring services in particular subject areas especially math and english.

Hiring NowProgram Assistant: Pacific Islander Summer Bridge Program

Role: To work as part of the team to plan and implement our 9-day intensive college preparation program to introduce new Pacific Islander students to college-level expectations. Program Assistants organize and lead a variety of learning activities, workshops, lectures, tours, and fun social events all designed to help high school graduates or community college transfer students from the Pacific to make the appropriate transition to college life at UH Hilo. [Download full job description]

Hiring NowResident Assistant: Pacific Islander Summer Bridge Program

Role: To work as part of the team to plan and implement our 9-day intensive college preparation program to introduce new Pacific Islander students to college-level expectations. Resident Assistants live in the residence halls during the duration of the residential portion of the program to organize and lead a variety of learning activities, community-building exercises, and fun social events all designed to help a high school graduate or community college transfer student make the appropriate transition to college life at UH Hilo. [Download full job description]

Hiring NowStudent Research Assistant

Role: To support the AANAPISI Researcher in conducting research and evaluation activities that include entering survey data; checking data for accuracy and completeness; data collection; data organization; basic analysis; reporting and dissemination. In addition, this person will need to meet deadlines, exercise independent judgment, and locate sources of information. [ Download full job description]

Student Health & Wellness Programs

About: Student Health and Wellness Programs provides systems of holistic care that integrate education and prevention efforts with medical and mental health services, programs, and activities. We aim to advance the health of students (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual), promote healthy lifestyle choices, and contribute to the creation and maintenance of a healthy campus community.
Supervisor: Dr. Sulma Gardhi (
URL: - coming soon -

Health Promotion Student Assistant

Role: To assist with culturally relevant projects that promote and advocate for alcohol risk reduction, reduction and prevention of rape/sexual assault and other forms of interpersonal violence, sexual health issues, physical activity, nutrition, stress, mental health issues, and self-care strategies to empower students to make safe choices.

Student Life Center (SLC)

About: The goal for the Student Life Center facility is to expose as many as possible of the UH Hilo Community to activities that will improve their quality of life. The Student Life Center strives to provide an open, safe environment for recreation, learning, and social interaction while meeting user demands.
Supervisor: Angie Andrade-Morioka (

Weight Room Monitor

Role: To supervise the Weight Room and fitness areas to ensure the safety, provide organization and offer customer service to the users.

Outdoor Adventure Staff Assistant

Role: To assist in coordinating various recreational activities at and from the Student Life Center such as beach trips, cookouts, swimming pool events, kayaking, canoe paddling, hiking, bicycling, and bowling.


Role: To perform a variety of tasks necessary to achieve a pleasant and functional outdoor environment around the Student Life Center including mowing the lawn areas, trimming plants, replanting flowers, etc.

Front Desk Monitor

Role: To serve as the " front line" of the Student Life Center, serving as the initial contact that most customers encounter when entering the SLC and/or seeking recreation information.