Manager Climate Corps
Pacific Islands Climate Science Center

Previous Research

Photo of a tropical forest ecosystem
Rich and vulnerable diversity within Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge. Photo Credit: Scott Laursen, PI-CSC

Products from UH Hilo PI-CSC Research, 2012 - 2014

The following studies are recent products of our MCC networks. They offer fundamental baseline information regarding current and near term climate change impacts within Hawaiian ecosystems as well as tools we can use to track and predict these impacts.

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Partner Agencies

Pacific Islands Climate Science CenterUH ManoaUniversity of GuamDepartment of the Interior


Contact MCC Staff

  • Sharon Ziegler-Chong: Project Coordinator
  • Phone: (808) 933-0759
  • Email: ziegler@hawaii.edu

  • Scott Laursen: Technical Projects Specialist
  • Phone: (307) 699-0123
  • Email: slaursen@hawaii.edu

The MCC partners with the Tropical Conservation Biology and Environmental Science Graduate Program at UH Hilo and is a part of the larger tri-university consortium of the Pacific Islands Climate Science Center (PI-CSC).