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A Collaborative Kāhea (Call): MCC Networks in Action and in the News

Photo: Kamilo petroglyphs advertise the union of nature and culture, cultural resilience, and centuries of human adaptation to shifting environments. Photo Credit: Ryan McClymont, USGS.

Recent Events: Interactive Conference Forums

Our first collaborative forums were the Climate Change Boot Camp (Aug. 2016) and the National Early Career Professional Training at UMASS (Nov. 2016). Next during the Spring and summer of 2017, the MCC led knowledge coproduction forums at local, regional, and national conferences listed below. These forums utilized a variety of formats and organizational scales and were opportunities for managers, graduate students, and researchers to interactively participate in the collaborative process of uniting multiple knowledge forms and distinct worldviews through professional networking. In-person forums such as these draw diverse backgrounds and are unique opportunities for professionals and communities to develop relationships, expand networks and, thereby, build upon human capacities of adaptation, resilience, and sustainability through times of significant socio-ecological change.

May 2017: UH Hilo Stories Reports on MCC Graduate Research Project Investigating Potential Climate Change Impacts on Near Shore Water Quality in East Hawaiʻi

A UH Hilo research project connects with managers, researchers, and communities through an investigation of potential climate driven shifts in Staphylococcus aureus and MRSA to inform water resource and land management solutions locally and to engage the public through community outreach.

Photo: Louise Economy co-leads a manager-driven research effort in Hilo Bay investigating near shore water quality and projecting possible near-future impacts of climate change. Photo Credit: Economy

April 2017: UH Hilo Stories Reports on MCC Graduate Research Team Developing Resources to Help Loko Iʻa (Fishpond) Management and Restoration Adapt to Climate Change Impacts

The goals of this collaborative new research project in Keaukaha, Hawaiʻi go beyond scientific and clinical objectives - the central goal is to support the community and culture involved in the loko i‘a (fishponds) through times of socio-ecological change.

Loko Iʻa Collaborative Research
Pholot: Loko iʻa collaborative research team (left to right): Cherie Kauahi, Steve Colbert, Kamala Anthony, and Jason Adolf

April 2017: UH Hilo Stories Reports on MCC Manager-Based Graduate Research Project Helping Hawaiʻi County Adapt to Shifting and Variable Erosion Rates

New UH Hilo Stories article reports on UH Hilo researchers utilizing small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVʻs) to capture detailed images of coastal areas. Data from the UAV imagery will be used to develop predictive models, offering vital information to county planners preparing for the variable impacts of climate change on erosion rates across Hawaiʻi Island.

Manager-Based Coastal Erosion Research Photo: Informing community development - Rose Hart (left) and Ryan Perroy (right) co-lead new project estimating erosion rates of distinct substrates on Hawai'i Island. Photo Credit: Hart

April 2017: New Boot Camp Film Release!!

Check out our new film that was produced from documentary footage taken during our August 2016 PI-CSC Climate Change Boot Camp! View the 10-minute documentary film, Resilient Voices: Adaptation Across Worldviews, below, or download from the USGS website. For additional background information on the experience, see our boot camp page.

March 2017: UH Hilo Stories Article Highlights an MCC Graduate Research Project Involving Climate Change, Forests, and Sustainable Agriculture

Read about arboreal studies led by UH Hilo Biology professor Becky Ostertag and her graduate research student Joanna Norton in the recent UH Hilo Stories article. These research efforts link native and invasive species issues, ecosystem function, and sustainable agriculture, collectively helping scientists and resource managers understand and adapt to the effects of climate change within island environments.

Joanna Norton stands next to Becky Ostertag
Photo: Joanna Norton and Rebecca Ostertag (left to right) create a unique professional team that unites sustainable forest function and sustainable farming practices.

November 2016: UMASS National Climate Science Center Student and Early Career Training

Through November 2-3, 2016, a National Climate Science Center Student and Early Career Training was held at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Our MCC team chaired the development of two knowledge coproduction training sessions and facilitated them at the event, which included panel presentations and small group break out discussion that linked to Alison Meadow’s keynote talk on knowledge coproduction. Our MCC program was highlighted as an on the ground example of a knowledge coproduction program and an effective method for increasingly connecting interdisciplinary university research with local communities and natural resource manager networks toward actionable science products.

Training planners gather on the steps of the University of Massachusetts
Photo: Training planning team at the University of Massachusetts campus. Photo Credit: Toni Klemm

October 2016: Climate Change Boot Camp Article in Pacific Pandanus

The Pacific Pandanus, a joint newsletter from the Pacific Islands Climate Science Center and the Pacific Islands Climate Change Cooperative recently published an article on the MCCʻs Climate Change Boot Camp, which took place in Kāʻu over four days in August 2016. Check out the October 2016 edition of the Pacific Pandanus and our Climate Change Boot Camp article on page 7.

Researchers on a clif
Photo: Climate Change Boot Camp participants are in transition at the coast as they follow the path of spring water from the mauka (upslope) location of the spring to where the freshwater enters the kai (ocean). Photo Credit: Ryan McClymont, USGS.

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The MCC partners with the Tropical Conservation Biology and Environmental Science Graduate Program at UH Hilo and is a part of the larger tri-university consortium of the Pacific Islands Climate Science Center (PI-CSC).