Manager Climate Corps
Pacific Islands Climate Adaptation Science Center

Research Projects

These projects develop adaptive capacity by training the next generation of manager and researchers (undergraduates, graduate students, and early career professionals) and by supporting existing local professional networks through manager-driven research projects that are directly linked to the 5 themes of the PI-CASC's 2018-2022 Science Agenda and the U.S. Department of Interior priorities outlined in the FY2018-2022 Strategic Plan. The PI-CASC Science Agenda themes are as follows:

  • Theme 1: Drought in the Pacific Islands
  • Theme 2: Coastal Adaptation & Planning
  • Theme 3: Forest Conservation in a Changing Environment
  • Theme 4: Core Questions for Resource Managers
  • Theme 5: Adaptation and Survival in Low Islands and Atolls

FY2019 (two-year projects)

Coming Soon: projects to be developed by fall 2020...

Funded FY2018 (one-year projects)

Developing geospatial models in Hawaiian watersheds to mitigate erosion & climate change

Project Leads
Kimo Melcher, Natalie Kurashima, Ryan Perroy, Rebecca Ostertag,
and Jene Michaud
Kailapa Community at Sunrise
Photo Credit: Kimo Melcher

Funded FY2016 (two-year projects)

Photo Credit: Kamala Anthony

Impacts of climate change on loko iʻa (traditional Hawaiian fishponds) management

Graduate Students: Kamala Anthony, Cherie Kauahi

Faculty Advisor: Steven Colbert

Data collection in Hilo Bay
Photo Credit: Louise Economy

Climate driven shifts in Staphylococcus aureus and MRSA in near shore waters

Graduate Student: Louise Economy

Faculty Advisor: Tracy Wiegner

mulching Albizia
Photo Credit: Joanna Norton

Albizia as a solution for climate change mitigation and sustainable agriculture

Graduate Student: Joanna Norton

Faculty Advisor: Rebecca Ostertag

drone flight
Photo credit: Rose Hart

Estimating coastal erosion rates on Hawaiʻi Island to inform setbacks

Graduate Student: Rose Hart

Faculty Advisor: Ryan Perroy

Funded FY2013 (two-year UH Hilo PI-CASC Projects; pre-MCC)

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Partner Agencies

UH Manoa

University of Guam

Department of the Interior


Pacific Islands Climate Adaptation Science Center

Contact MCC Staff

  • Sharon Ziegler-Chong: University Consortium Lead
  • Phone: (808) 933-0759
  • Email: ziegler@hawaii.edu

The MCC partners with the Tropical Conservation Biology and Environmental Science Graduate Program at UH Hilo and is a part of the larger tri-university consortium of the Pacific Islands Climate Adaptation Science Center (PI-CASC).