New Student Orientation

Submit an Event for Orientation

Photo of a packed house at the UH Hilo Perofrming Art Center

We want to add your event to Orientation!

First Year Experience is looking for UH Hilo Departments, Student Support Offices, and Student Organizations who want to participate in Orientation. Does your team have an event you would like to be put into the Orientation Schedule? We can help!

Orientation is more than just an initiative from First Year Experience, but is a way for the entire UH Hilo Campus to welcome our newest students and set them up for success.

By submitting your program proposal we can help you staff your event, find facilities for your event, and advertise your event by including it in the Orientation Schedule.

How to Submit your Event

  1. Follow this link to the Event Submission form
  2. One of our NSP Staff will contact you regarding your event and assist you in any way we can
  3. Your event will be included in the Orientation Schedule
  4. Students will attend your event
  5. Great times will be had by all
  6. We'll throw a ticker tape parade in your honor, you'll be showered with gold coins, and stories will be told of your involvement for generations to come1

Information you'll need to complete the form

  • Contact information for the person coordinating the event
  • Name/Date/Time/Location of the event
  • A brief description of the event (we'll include this in the schedule, so make it sound fun and exciting)
  • Do you need any support from our Orientation Leaders? If so, how many OLs will you need and what will they be doing?

Your flexibility is greatly appreciated

We anticipate a large number of program submissions. While we would love to be able to honor each and every request, we also need to balance the learning and development of our students and parents, with a schedule that makes good sense. Therefore, we may reach out to you with a request to adjust the date and time of your event. Mahalo in advance for your flexibility as we organize all of the pieces of Orientation into an amazing experience.

This is different... What's going on?

Last year we developed a new way of engaging and supporting our newest students through redesigning the way in which we offer our Orientation program. We had such a successful outcome and the students had an outstanding experience that we're continuing this style of Orientation again this year.

Orientation looks a bit different than it did a few years ago
There will be multiple workshops happening at the same time allowing us to offer unique sessions for some of our different audiences. For example, we'll be able to offer a Transfer student specific session that meets their needs, while at the same time we can offer a session that's more geared toward our First Time Freshmen students. To do that, we'll need to have more sessions than we have had in the past. This is where you come in. We would like to find a way for as many of our student organizations, campus offices, and academic departments to connect with our newest students. To help keep us organized, we're using an online submission form to collect information about all the events.

More Support for You
Every program that's submitted will be assigned to one of the NSP staff members to be a point of contact for you and help coordinate any assistance you may need. We'll contact you within a few days after you've submitted your event to confirm the details and ask how we can be of assistance. If you indicate that you would like some Orientation Leader support we'll talk with you about how exactly we can use our staff to support you and your event. Our goal is to make sure that your event is as successful as possible.

Orientation is a University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo initiative
Orientation is not an event that First Year Experience puts on for new Vulcans, but rather Orientation is a way that the University welcomes, orients, and transitions all of our newest students. Our role in First Year Experience is to coordinate all of the amazing ways in which we as a campus do that. We ensure that welcome event are not all at the same time, we help to build a schedule that supports the student, parents, and families who are attending, and we assist the campus community in hosting all of the great things that we'll be doing.

More information about the Vision and Mission of the Office of First Year Experience

  1. Actual forms of recognition may vary, but we truly appreciate your participation and are grateful of your support of the success of our newest students ↩︎