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Multimedia Instructional Classrooms

The best way to determine if one of the above rooms will suite the needs of your class is to take the time to try the facility out.

Each of these classrooms has multimedia equipment and PC that works with ACSLABS PC access account.

  • CH-6 (Math/General)
  • CH-110 (Geology/General)
  • Performing Arts Center (Theater), The "Green Room"
  • K-107 (General)
  • K-109 (General)
  • K-110 (General)
  • K-111 (Business/General)
  • K-112 (Business/General)
  • K-126 (General)
  • K-127 (Business/General)
  • K-128 (General)
  • MSB-101 (Marine Sciences/General)
  • MSB-103 (Marine Sciences/General)
  • UCB-100 (General)
  • UCB-111 (General)
  • UCB-112 (General)
  • UCB-113 (General)
  • UCB-114 (General)
  • UCB-115 (General)
  • UCB-118 (General)
  • UCB-200 (Nursing)
  • UCB-245 (Nursing)
  • UCB-312 (Education)
  • UCB-314 (Education)
  • W-1 (Natural Sciences/General)
Building Abbreviation Building Name
UCB University Classroom Building
W Wentworth Building
K Edith Kanakaole Hall
CH College Hall
MSB Marine Science Building