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I Am Still Stuck! Who do I ask for help?

Picture of the UH Hilo Computing Center Entrance

Unfortunately there is no one simple answer. The easiest is first - "Ask your instructor!" He or she will know who to contact for you with your question and get back to you and/or the rest of your class. The next is to ask UH Hilo staff who are nearest to you. In the library, this means asking the library staff. In the Business Lab, this would mean speaking with the staff in the CoBE Office right next door. The Cyber Cafe, the Campus Center mezzanine and Sodexo PCs would all be referred through your Campus Center office which is near the TV in the mezzanine (2nd floor). If you really get stuck, you can visit the Computing Center, especially if your problem involves the loss of your email password or that you simply cannot create an account on line.

The Computing Center is located in Building 346, upstairs on the main floor.