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Software in Open PC Labs

The following is a detailed listing of software provided in various open PC labs on campus. Please note however, not all programs required by your instructor may be listed.

  1. Software is often either removed, updated or the licenses may have expired, so the best way to know what software is loaded and still running is to visit the lab you wish to use.
  2. If you have problems finding the software you need, please bring your questions or concerns up with the instructor for the course requiring the use of the software. Your question may also be useful to the other members of your class.

Microsoft Office 2010 Standard Suite

All ACSLABS locations.

The Office 2007 Compatibility Pack is also loaded wherever MS Office 2003 is loaded.

Multimedia: (Loaded in all ACSLABS locations)

  1. RealPlayer Enterprise Version 2.1 (Used with Laulima classes.)
  2. iTunes and its associated QuickTime
  3. Windows Media Player

Shazam Professional business software

SHAZAM is a business program loaded on all ACSLABS PCs in labs and classrooms for a total of over 500 locations.


MathCAD is available in all labs and classrooms.

For any questions, please see your math department professor.


Populus for Windows is loaded all ACSLABS PC's.

Minitab The Minitab icon is on every ACSLABS PC. For questions on how to use it, please see your instructor using this software for his or her course.


All Locations - The icons should appear on your desktop login for UHHL accounts.

For questions on how to use it, please see your instructor using this software for his or her course.


S-plus is a statistical analysis program that is loaded in UCB-102 and the graduate lab in PB-13. Your instructor will provide you with instructions on how to use this program.


If you are on a machine that has this software loaded but it will not run due to licensing, please assume this PC is NOT licensed to run SPSS and try using a different PC.

This program has been loaded in UCB-103 and UCB-104 for use during class time, UCB-244 in the Psychology Student Resource Center, for open use. It has also been loaded into the Business PC Lab on several machines in building E (please see the COBE Office for questions).

The program is loaded and reloaded every year to various locations depending on what classroom your instructor is using. Please see your SPSS instructor with any questions.