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The Gallery

Actions speak louder than words, so here's a whole gallery full of stuff that New Student Programs does around campus:

Photo Book

The most recent photos are posted on this page but to check out past programs, click on the different links located below.


Our largest and craziest event. It happens every Fall and Spring, so you know that we get some great photos of the excited new students.

Hilo Huaka╩╗i

This event students are taken to various spots around the local Hilo area to engage in a deeper learning of culture sites and significance to the Hawaiian and local Hilo culture.



Continuous Programming

Speed Mixer

Think speed dating, only at the end of the night you've made a bunch of new friends as opposed to getting a bunch of new numbers



Co-sponsoring Events

Fall 2010: Filipino-American Heritage Month Awards Reception

FAHM Community Winners
Community Winners 2010
FAHM Student Winners
Student Winners 2010: Jeffrey, Tiana, and Emmanuel

In the month of October, the University recognizes the outstanding work and contributions made by Filipino's in the community and abroad. The reception honors individuals nominated within the school and community.