PHOTOS: Aquaculture and Beekeeping

Photos featuring faculty and students and their hands-on activities at the College of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resource Management, University of Hawai‘i at Hilo.

Student in fish facility with weighing equipment, breeding tubs in background.
Tilapia experiment 2017: Aquaculture major weighs fish in a feeding experiment with Spirulina-based diets for juvenile tilapia at the Pana‘ewa farm, UH Hilo.

Student at computer, analyzing images on screen.
Identifying copepods: Student in the AQUA 353 Lab identifies the life stages of cultivated copepods used as food for marine fish larvae.
Students tending bees at a single tree in the middle of a grassy field.
Beekeeping activities in the Bee Garden, UH Hilo Farm Lab, Pana‘ewa.
Groupd of people listening to Alan Wong speak.
Chef Alan Wong speaks to audience at Adopt-A-Beehive Conference, UH Hilo Farm Laboratory, Pana‘ewa.

-Originally published in the CAFNRM/Agriculture Club Newsletter, Nov-Dec 2017 Issue 1.