PHOTOS: UH Hilo Farm and on-campus labs

SNAPSHOTS: Featuring faculty and students of the UH Hilo College of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resource Management and their hands-on activities. Photos by Risa Kabua Myazoe.

Group of students and faculty standing in greenhouse.
Classmates in course on circulating and non-circulating hydroponic methods (HORT 263) pose for a photo at UH Hilo Farm Laboratory with Prof. of Horticulture Bill Sakai (far right).

Students working in field at the UH Hilo Farm Lab.
Students in a course on tropical horticulture (HORT 262) clear an area for row crops at the UH Hilo Farm Laboratory.


Students in an indoor lab on campus.
Students do a weed identification exercise in weed science class (HORT 481).


Students in lab watching instructor dissecting an animal.
Assistant Prof. of Entomology Jesse Eiben demonstrates dissection for students in anatomy and physiology of farm animals lab.