Agricultural engineer Marcel Tsang retires

Prof. Tsang’s passion of hands-on education has permeated through UH Hilo curricula with a lasting effect on agricultural development in Hawai‘i.

By Christopher Lu.

Marcel Tsang
Marcel Tsang. Photo by Norman Arancon.

Long time faculty Marcel Tsang is retiring after decades of exemplary service at the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo College of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resource Management. A native of Mauritius, Dr. Tsang built a professional career and a family in Hawai‘i. He moved up through the ranks to full professor at UH Hilo.

Dr. Tsang, a trained agricultural engineer by Louisiana State University, has taught a number of core courses at the college including Farm Power, Farm Structures, Introduction to Agricultural Mechanization, Irrigation Principles and Practices, and Microcomputer Applications in Agriculture.

Students and fellow faculty members perceive him as a dedicated, sincere and caring professor. Dr. Tsang served as the curriculum committee chair for many years and assured the curriculum structure to be consistent with the mission of the college. His passion of hands-on education has permeated through the curricula with a lasting effect on agricultural development in Hawai‘i. He has advised, guided and excelled many students throughout their academic careers.

Dr. Tsang is vigorous in pursuing his scientific curiosity. Through collaboration with scientists both within and out of the college, he has published extensively in the fields of applied engineering and applied horticulture. His contribution on the post harvest treatment of tropical fruits, vegetables and floricultural crop is evident.

Professor Tsang speaks to group.
Professor Tsang presents his innovations on sustainable greenhouse structure and production to UH Hilo farm guests. Photo by Norman Arancon.

The design, development and implementation of hot air and hot water treatments of horticultural crops provided growers an alternative to minimize pest infestations. Many students benefited from the hands-on experience in his research endeavor.

With an immaculate service record for the university community, Dr. Tsang is a gold standard when comes to integrity and ethics. He is respected by many as an independent, unbiased and fair individual. He assisted in guiding the college in making many unprejudiced decisions regarding academic and personnel. Because of his quality and characteristics, he has been asked more than once to serve on the leadership position in the college. Because of his passion on teaching and research, Dr. Tsang humbly declined those invitations. His friendliness toward students and colleagues alike is contagious and everyone feels comfortable to step into his office and strike a conversation whether is professional or personal.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said: “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” Dr. Tsang is a good testimony being an individual who upheld the integrity and excellence throughout difficult moments of the college. We wish him a much-deserved happiness in retirement.


-Christopher Lu is a professor of animal science at UH Hilo..