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This event has concluded and is no longer current.

This event has concluded and is no longer current.

AstroTalk - Making of the Subaru Telesco

Location: UHH UCB 100

Dr Keiichi Kodaira (President of Sokendai Graduate College and former Director General of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan) will give a public "AstroTalk" on the UH Hilo campus on Wednesday, August 29. Kodaira's talk, scheduled for 7 pm at the UCB Room 100, is entitled "A Story of the Making of Subaru Telescope"

Subaru Telescope is the first large, cutting-edge scientific facility built and run by Japanese in a foreign country. The concept was developed in the early 1980’s by surveying possible construction sites all over the world and by carrying out various technical feasibility studies. The Mauna Kea summit emerged as the most promising construction site for Subaru Telescope, then called JNLT, already in mid 1980’s. The optical design and telescope structures were optimized to explore the “edge” of the universe where we named “Galaxy Forming Region” in analogy to the star forming regions in galaxies. For this purpose, most efforts were devoted to secure sharp images as well as big light-collecting power in the optical and infrared region. The unique design of the Subaru housing on the summit and the finger-puppet supporting concept of the 8.3m thin meniscus mirror were the two of most important results of immense R&D efforts of the Subaru Team. Like other big projects in basic science, it was not easy to persuade government to approve the necessary funding, but also the necessity to allow Subaru Staff to live in the Big Island. The research and development phase continued all through 80’s, and the construction took about 10 years of 90’s. Seven years after the Dedication Ceremony in 1999, now that Subaru Telescope has been running with great success, Dr Kodaira will review the story of making Subaru Telescope, with deep gratitude to all the people of Hawaii and the lovers of astronomy.

The free lecture is sponsored by UH Institute for Astronomy and the UH Hilo Physics and Astronomy Department. For more information, please visit or call IfA Outreach at 932-2328.

Special Restrictions: Free and open to the public

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