A Talk About Labor Unions and Collective Movements - Event Details

This event is being held online. Zoom Meeting ID: 971 0838 5720 Passcode: HOPE

This event has concluded and is no longer current.

A Talk About Labor Unions and Collective Movements

Location: UCB100

Join student organization Global HOPE as we invite leaders from the United Public Workers (UPW) labor union and learn about labor movements and workers rights here in Hawaiʻi and in the national context. Speakers Charlie Howard and Kalani Werner will discuss the history of labor movements, how unions advocate for workers, and challenges faced by efforts to unionize today.

All about the labor movement and worker rights in Hawaiʻi: then and now

Topics of the night:

- Hawaiʻi's labor history + its direct effect on practices today
- How do unions advocate for workers?
- What challenges do we face today?
- Solutions?

This is a free event held at UCB 100 on Thurs, Feb 8, from 5pm. (Online Zoom is available as well, please see the flyer for info.) Pizza and refreshments will be provided to attendees as well.

For more information, contact: emeiser@hawaii.edu (907) 952-3988

Tags: educational RISO labor unions collective movements social issues

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