ʻNatural Resource Management Seminar Series: Endangered birds - Event Details

This event has concluded and is no longer current.

This event is being held online. Passcode: TCBES

ʻNatural Resource Management Seminar Series: Endangered birds

University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo Tropical Conservation Biology and Environmental Science Natural Resource Management Seminar Series presents, "Conservation breeding and preparing endangered Hawaiian birds to thrive in the wild" with Dr. Lisa Barrett, Post Doctoral Associate in Recovery Ecology, San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance. The seminar will be held over zoom. All are welcome!

Abstract: The ‘alala is a monogamous crow, native to Hawaiʻi, that is currently extinct in the wild. Today, ‘alala exist only in human care where the species is undergoing intensive conservation breeding. A major goal of the Hawai‘i Endangered Bird Conservation Program is to maximize reproductive success before the species is returned to the wild. This talk will address several ongoing studies targeting environmental factors, parental care behavior, and diet to improve breeding. One ongoing study addresses a critical need to evaluate whether pair duration is an accurate measure of reproductive success of animals in human care, so we analyzed breeding program data from 2018-2021 to test for pair duration effects on reproduction (nest building, egg laying, hatchability, and fledging). Preliminary results suggest that pair duration may not impact ‘alala reproduction in human care. We will discuss how results from this work, and other studies with ʻalala, inform our understanding of conserving this species within an adaptive management framework.

For more information, contact: uhhtcbes@hawaii.edu (808) 932-7571

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