"BOSP Presents" Inaugural Symposium - Event Details

This event has concluded and is no longer current.

This event has concluded and is no longer current.

"BOSP Presents" Inaugural Symposium

Location: Campus Center 301

Join the publications of the Board of Student Publications for a day full of learning about different career paths and listening to the career path of individuals both local to Hawaiʻi and across Hawaiʻi. Speakers will occur across the day in hourly increments with time for questions, and speakers range across a variety of topics including academic writing, marine science and other natural sciences, written and talk journalism, painting, and sculpturing. While listening to speakers, enjoy food from Liquid Life and selected giveaways, first-come first-served for each hourly presentation.

Speaker List:

- Darien Gee, a local author of 5 novels.
- Elele Tiana, a local guitarist.
- Jacob Medina, a world-famous local artist.
- Dr. Mark Hixon, Hsiao Endowed Chair of Marine Biology at Mānoa.
- Dr. Rob Tonnen, professor at the Hawai'i institute of Marine Biology.
- Russel Subiono, producer at Hawaiʻi Public Radio.
- David Bock, editor/publisher of Hawaiʻi Tribune-Herald.
- Scott Duff, news director of Hawaiʻi News Now.
- Keahi Tucker, news broadcaster from Hawaiʻi News Now.

Please note, this is a two-day event on both April 24th and 26th. Students are encouraged to see the unique speakers for both days, and both days will have food and giveaways for students. For the full list of speakers and their time, please visit hilo.hawaii.edu/campuscenter/bosp/.

This event is organized by Ke Kalahea, the student newspaper, Hohonu, the student academic journal, and Kanilehua, the art and literary magazine.

Special Restrictions: For students wishing to obtain food, a validated student ID is required.

For more information, contact: bospch@hawaii.edu bospch@hawaii.edu

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